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Sunday 16 November 2014


Deputy President William Ruto and Cord principal Moses Wetang’ula came face to face in Bungoma county and tore into each other over a number of issues.
Whereas the DP was in the county to preside over a fundraiser for motor cycle operators, the Bungoma senator criticised the move saying it was a plot influence the local people to support Jubilee.
Wetang’ula who spoke in Bukusu language told the boda boda youths to use the money but remain in the opposition to continue with its bid for the presidency come 2017.
He told local people to learn that it was better for them to have their own milk cow and enjoy the milk instead of begging from neighbours every.
Wetang’ula also criticised Governor Kenneth Lusaka who initiated the harambee saying his government should have stopped collecting road levies from the boda bodas as one way of assisting them boost their earnings.
 He arranged that the national government had switched the road transport levy to fuel levy adding that it was unfair to collect up to Sh30,000 from the youths every year.
“You are helping the young men to buy the machines and collect almost all that they make. In the real sense, you are not assisting them,” he noted.
However, when time came for Ruto to speak, he dismissed Ford Kenya chairman saying he was employing cheap politics to incite people who are in need of help. “You can’t stand here to speak in your mother tongue and expect that I can’t understand what you are saying. Is the Bukusu language French?” he asked amid cheering from the crowd.
The DP added that he could not go at any loss if the youth shared out the money adding that his mission was to help promote the jua kali sector which he also went through while still a youth.
Ruto noted that the Luhya people were the most democratic adding that it was on record that they voted for retired President Moi and Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. “When you voted for Raila, were you voting for one of your own? We know the voting patterns in this country and nobody should mislead the electorate,” he added.
Lusaka likened leadership to the owner of a record player who will always walk away with the machine if you differ marking the end of the dance.
He said the money raised would be distributed to all registered boda boda groups in the county according to the agreements by the respective officials.
During the harambee, a total of Sh2 million from Ruto, Sh200,000 from Wetangula while Lusaka contributed Sh400,000. URP, UDF, Ford Kenya and New Ford Kenya MPs from Busia, Kakamega, Vihiga, Bungoma and Trans Nzoia MPs accompanied the deputy head of state. A total of Sh14.5 million was raised.

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