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Sunday 30 November 2014


Businessmen licensed by Kenya Sugar Board to buy molasses business with Nzoia Sugar Company have accused some managers in the marketing department of frustrating their efforts through a well woven corruption syndicate.
The businessmen under the umbrella Green Hope Molasses Traders said that the cartel has always blocked them from buying the commodity and has been on the forefront of perpetuating corruption and favouritism.
“We want to know why the procedure for selling molasses is not always followed at Nzoia Sugar Company yet we are the genuine and authorised people who should buy the commodity because we are licensed by KSB? They are going for rich businessmen who can part with money yet they are not licensed,” he said.
They have disclosed that they will hold a mother of all demonstrations this week to protest the alleged favouritism being carried out by a few firm managers who are ready to enrich themselves through dubious means and have also called on the firm managing director Saul Wasilwa to transfer the alleged officer.
Simiyu said that their efforts to petitioned the firm MD to transfer the said officer to allow openness in buying of molasses because has always been frustrated because they have not yielded any fruits.
Simiyu says that Nzoia Sugar Company produces 12 trucks of molasses daily and the marketing officer Peter Mukoya has been demanding for Sh60,000 per lorry daily and the money collected ends in some individuals pockets.
“Some employees are making a lot of money from the molasses deal and those who do not heed the manager are always reprimanded and denied entry to the factory by armed police officers who act under the instructions of the marketing officer,” said Simiyu.
The trader’s secretary Peter Mapesa and treasurer George Kituyi accused the management of transferring the accused officer to another department and recently was returned to the department under dubious means to perpetuate the corruption syndicate.
The traders have called on the ethics and anti-corruption officers to investigate the ongoings in the marketing department at Nzoia Sugar Company.
“We are authorised and entitled to work with the company in terms of molasses business but the management is working with outsiders who are not authorised by KSB to transact any business with the company which is contrary to the law,” claimed Mapesa.
Contacted, Mukoya threatened the writer with legal implications if the story appears.
“Go ahead with the story because I have already informed your bosses and also understand that the legal implications involved,” read the short message from Mukoya’s phone number.
Contacted over the issue, Nzoia Sugar MD Saul Wasilwa could not be reached on his mobile phone.

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