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Sunday, 16 November 2014


Trans Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba has been branded a lone ranger in the management of the affairs of the county after his personal assistant Saidi Wekesa  unreservedly assumed the final role of being the last person in every thing concerning the governor by undermining the mandate of other staff members.
A source said the PA has now become a lone ranger in his daily activities leaving staff to wonder how the county is operating and managing its daily management affairs.
The PA is accused of not delegating duties and attending even minor functions that his junior staff ought to be attending, sending a wrong signal to members of staff and other senior officers. It is alleged that the governor is undermining the roles of other staff members as he does not brief and update the staff in other important departments in Khaemba’s government who must to accompany him wherever he goes out for public functions in the county or outside.
Recently when the Indian High Commissioner to Kenya Yogeshwa Varma paid a courtesy visit to the county, Khaemba dodged journalists who were waiting for an interview and jumped into his official car after holding a meeting with his visitor. Journalists then decided to interview the High Commissioner who had come with some goodies to help residents of Trans Nzoia among other counties in the region.
Varma told journalists the Indian government has partnered with county government of Trans Nzoia and will soon establish an irrigation scheme that will tap water from Elgon and Soil Testing Laboratory that will serve the East African Community. Varma said the team of five experts from India will soon come to research and donate money for the project.
A source said that although Khaemba had given his staff responsibilities, he had at the same time tied up their hands so that they could not operate in an environment that allows them to provide services to residents. “How are we going to help our boss if the PA is undermining us by making our work difficult? The PA has taken over our roles that the governor can view us as not moving along with him,’’ they claimed.
Khaemba’s PA has adopted the character of the former chief of staff Ronald Masindano who used to be on phone calls most of the time even if there is no incoming call. Governor Khaemba has been going out sometimes without officers who play a very important role in his schedules and who ought not to miss.
 Last week, he went to a fundraiser at Kwanza solely and without his PA and alerted other staff members  that the governor was heading for a harambee so that to they accompany their county president.
“This man called Saidi Wekesa is undermining us so much that the governor could have given this key position to a person who has good public relations with other department that surround Khaemba,” they said.
Political analyst  say if Khaemba continues operating in this manner with Wekesa as his PA, the probability of political clout dwindling is imminent since he is a loneranger and a greenhorn who has adopted system of working that he mimicked  from America  where he visited a few  months ago. They also said that the governor’s executives were making him not to deliver.
County executives who include Maurice Lokwaliwa of environment and Isaac Kogo of education and few chief officers such as Mary Nzomo  who were doing excellently in their work stations in Khaemba’s government.
Lokwaliwa has improved Kitale town since he was sworn to saddle unveiling plans for the people to get access to clean water, and so is Kogo. They say if other executives can deliver like Lokwaliwa, Kogo and Nzomo who helped Khaemba to identify the beast fertiliser that neutralised the acidic soil, Khaemba would be ahead.
Those who want to see Khaemba go home are executive member for sports, tourism and gender, Eunice Chelimo, who has found it difficult to manage her office. During Mashujaa Day celebrations, she was heckled by the public asking her what she did with the  money that was allocated in her docket last year  yet Kenyatta Stadium had collapsed and become the grazing ground for livestock forcing the Mashujaa Day fete to Kitale Showground.
The executive is said to have failed to put in place plans in her docket to identify talents that are lying idle in the county making people to think Khaemba is sleeping on the job while he was being let down.
 Chelimo has also failed to come up with preventive measures for young girls who roam the streets of Kitale for prostitution, to  engage in meaningful business to better their living standards. One of the lady execs is  among those who are said not to be up to their tasks and allegedly sabotaging  Khaemba. She is said to be making investors to fear venturing into business due to poor infrastructure at the entrance of the town. She is also alleged to have failed to help the governor put street lights  in town but  instead opted for solar street lighting that fade off at night  when they are most needed, making those who operate at night fear for their  own security  in the dark.

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