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Sunday, 30 November 2014


A Kenya Secondary School Heads Association branch chairman from Kakamega county is under siege after heads vowed to remove him from the position over his negligence in delivery of service.
Kenneth Indusia the Kakamega North district heads association chair and principal of Shandiche Secondary has been accused of siding with the education office and politicians to frustrate heads who do not toe their line.
Indusia who hails from the neighbouring Lugari district took over the mantle from Moses Wadongo after he failed to deliver as per the manifesto.
In the memorandum of understanding that was signed between him and the teachers, it was agreed that Indusia ensures promotions of more deputies to become heads, regulates importation of heads, and oversees educational office functions in the area, protects the heads from political interference among other issues within his jurisdiction a task he has completely overlooked.
However in what is being seen as tasting a dose of his own medicine, the chair may soon leave unceremoniously like his predecessor if the current happenings in the teaching fraternity is anything to go by.
Known to drive sleek cars since he assumed power, Indusia is currently said to be busy oiling the pockets of a section of the heads so that they can pull out from the heated campaign of a call for a special AGM in which he will be shown the door.
In the AGM the heads are set to lay bare a list of the undoing to the man who is not ready to leave the much coveted heads’ position.
Top on the list is his move to promote his wife barely three months as a deputy to become a head of a school in Lugari against the regulations which requires that one serves for more than three years before being promoted.
As Indusia was busy promoting his sweetheart, deputies from the region who had served for more than six years were no longer at ease with his move and bitterly criticised his actions.
Among the teachers who have served long as deputies and there promotions is not forthcoming include Tande, Mahira, Malava Boys, Matsakha and Tombo secondary schools.
He technically avoids talking of the good results in the schools as posted and only talks of Malava Boys which we established is headed by a member of his head committee Daniel Mwachi.
He has been colluding with politicians to stage war on teachers whom he has been referring to as politically incorrect and also not left behind are those who may appear to oppose the education office directives.
He also accused of dancing to the tunes of politicians hellbent on soliciting for funds so as to fund his campaigns in the next elections.
Indusia has declared interest in the Chekalini ward representation under the Kakamega county leader of minority Titus Kwoma and he has been presiding over fundsdrives against the education regulations.
Top on the list of his political friends is Malava MP Malulu Injendi whom it is said is lying that he will marshal all the heads to line behind him come 2017 politics.
He is also said to be befriending the Lugari MP Ayub Savula so that he can assist him take the Chekalini seat.

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