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Sunday, 23 November 2014


Nyeri county women rep Priscillah Nyokabi’s past has resurfaced to haunt her and is now threatening to cut short her political career. Nyeri county TNA officials are now demanding she clears her name over speculations that she was used by retired ICC Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo to fix President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Nyokabi’s name has featured prominently with claims that she was part of the group that “fixed” Uhuru. The MP has been accused of contributing to the ICC process which eventually led to Uhuru’s indictment during her time at the helm of Kituo cha Sheria.
In a letter dated November 11 2014 addressed to her and signed by the Nyeri county TNA chairman Thuo Mathenge, Githua Philip and Daniel Gachara and copied to Uhuru and TNA secretary general Onyango Oloo, she is summoned to appear before the party officials to shed light on her alleged involvement in fixing Uhuru at The Hague. The letter reads in part: “Kindly avail yourself on November 21 2014 (Friday last week) at the TNA Nyeri county office at Skuta opposite Petrol Station to shed light on the below mentioned allegations”.
According to the letter, it is alleged that OTP 4 story was hatched, handled and tailored by Nyokabi while she was at Kituo Cha Sheria and fixed Uhuru and Francis Muthaura.
It is also alleged that Ugandan national David Matsanga had also revealed that OTP 4 had written evidence and cited Kituo Cha Sheria, many times for the assistance it gave the witness at a time when Nyokabi was the CEO.
Matsanga claimed that Nyokabi benefitted financially by coaching fake witnesses. Matsanga wrote: “I have my hard facts which I can table in any court of law on how Nyokabi and others fixed Uhuru, William Ruto and Arap Sang”.
In 2011, Ocampo thanked organisations that helped him to piece together his cases in Kenya. Among those was Kituo Cha Sheria which was then headed by Nyokabi. Sources say although Nyokabi resigned from Kituo Cha Sheria, she has allegedly been in touch with ICC providing OTP with more links about political victims introduced by Fergal Gaynor. It is further alleged that she wrote to ICC court requesting it not to allow the Kenyan cases to be heard in Kenya or any other East Africa country.
But Nyokabi denied the fixing allegations of Uhuru terming them as a personal vendetta. She said that Kituo cha Sheria only participated in victim identification during Operation Rudi Nyumbani spearheaded by the government.
Nyokabi links the allegations to her political detractors who want to create a wedge between her and her Jubilee coalition leaders.

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