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Sunday, 16 November 2014


A list of names of prominent Luo Nyanza politicians, professionals and members of the clergy is circulating in the region as those who are perceived and described as a political baggage to Cord leader Raila Odinga ahead of the 2017 elections.
As political flare-up and tempers continue to boil in Raila’s political bedrock of Luo Nyanza, we this week authoritatively report that a plot to expel Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura from the party to create room for Fidel Odinga has been hatched. Also to be replaced is long serving Rongo MP and former cabinet minister, Dalmas Otieno.
Sources say Raila had confided in his trusted lieutenants that since he is not sure of his political future come 2017, he must ensure Fidel is in active politics before he retires. It is for this reason that Kisumu Central has been earmarked for Fidel and on the pretext that Obura is a Jubilee mole and a rebel MP who does not conform to the ideals of the party.
During the 2013 elections, Raila attempted to bring Fidel to the political limelight when he contested the Kibra parliamentary seat ODM nominations but was beaten hands down. It now seems Raila has not given up on him hence plot to expel Obura from the party to force a by-election in which Fidel will be given a direct nomination by ODM.
Obura for long has been branded ODM rebel and now those opposed to him say that he was not as popular as he thought. During the last general elections, he garnered 48,195 votes against his closest challenger Abdulqadir Mohammed of Ford-K who garnered 31,437 votes.
Paul Abuor is the man being groomed in Rongo.  He is the younger brother of former PS Hezekiah Oyugi. It is being whispered that Dalmas has lost his once immense popularity after he garnered only 18,943 votes against Abuor’s 11,604. Abuor contested on The Independent Party.
Sources say it was Raila who directly campaigned for Dalmas when signs showed that Abuor was going to throw Dalmas to  oblivion. During the ODM nominations, Abuor had beaten Dalmas hands down but his nomination was revoked on orders allegedly from Raila forcing him to decamp to TIP where he again gave Dalmas a run for his money. He is now the man Raila is fronting to take on Dalmas in 2017. 
Back on the anti-Raila list circulating, the name of Nairobi governor Evans Kidero tops. Sources say those opposed to Kidero are envious of his brand of politics which has now become popular in Nyanza. Already, a number of Luo MPs, MCAs, politicians, professionals and clergy are angling behind Kidero’s  “politics of development”.
Last week, he held a harambee at Homa Bay Boys High School despite pressure from a section of Raila diehards that holding a parallel meeting with Raila’s Oyugis meeting was disrespectful.
Those in attendance were Karachuonyo MP James Rege and Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma among other MCAs. At Kidero’s meeting, he declared that he was in ODM to stay and even predicted that come 2017, ODM will form the government. 
However, Raila while addressing party delegates in Oyugis read the riot act on MPs branded as rebels and asked them to shape up or ship out. He did not, however, make statements directed at Kidero but his brother Oburu Odinga, Otieno Kajwang took swipes at Kidero.
A number of Luo MPs with poor development record have been fighting Kidero’s development activities including donations at harambees  in Nairobi and in Nyanza. But what came out during the two meetings held by Raila and Kidero is that Luos have a soft spot for Kidero’s development agenda as compared to empty political rhetoric and theatrics. 
The list calls on the individuals not to bother contesting the 2017 elections because the voters have lost trust in them and it will therefore be a waste of time and resources as they have been described as unelectable in 2017.
We have in our possession a copy of list which is believed to have been drawn by a group of people assumed to be close to Raila. What is not known is whether Raila is aware of it or if it has his blessings.
The list is composed of politicians, MPs governors, senators, women reps, county reps and former MPs. Others are church leaders, professionals, ODM officials and the ever notorious ODM power brokers. 


1.      Dr. Evans Kidero
2.      Aggrey Orengo
3.      Abdul Omar
4.      Abdulqadir Mohamed
5.      Achila Gogo
6.      Adipo Okuome
7.      Aghostinho Neto
8.      Agure Yuge
9.      Agwenge Mbeche
10.  Akeyo Omollo
11.  Akoko Yoto
12.  Akong’o Oyugi
13.  Alex Kasongo
14.  Aluoch Olago
15.  Ambrose Rachier
16.  Ambrose Weda
17.  Amilington Orata
18.  Amonde Kisera
19.  Andrew Adipo Okuome
20.  Ann Adul
21.  Anthony Tom Oluoch
22.  Anyango Pollyins Ochieng
23.  Atieno Kerre
24.  Atieno Otieno
25.  Awiti Bolo
26.  Barrack Abonyo
27.  Barrack Ombogo
28.  Barry Opiyo
29.  Ben Oduru
30.  Bishop Washington Ngede
31.  Bishop Johannes Angela
32.  Bishop Otieno Wasonga
33.  Bob Ndolo
34.  Bonke Komwayi
35.  Brian Weke
36.  Caesar Asiyo  
37.  Carey Orege
38.  Caroli Omondi
39.  Charanjit Hayer
40.  Charles Ocholla

36.   Caesar Asiyo      
37.   Carey Orege
38.   Caroli Omondi
39.   Charanjit Hayer
40.   Charles Ocholla
41.   Christine Ombaka
42.   Concellia Aoko
43.   Cornelius Agutu
44.   Dalmas Otieno
45.   Dan Mboya
46.   Dave Okwach
47.   David Njer
48.   David Wayiera
49.   Donny Opar
50.   Dorcas Ogolla
51.   Duncan Andiego
52.   Edward Omol
53.   Edwin Anayo
54.   Edwin Otieno
55.   Edwin Yinda
56.   Elias Onguro
57.   Elisha Odhiambo
58.   Eliud Owallo
59.   Eng Omanga
60.  Enock Ratimo
61.   Eric Nyamunga
62.   Eric Okeyo
63.   Esther Okanga
64.   Everest Okambo
65.   Felix Nyauchi
66.   Felix Odhiambo
67.   Felix Okatch
68.   Fred Otieno
69.   Fred Outa
70.   Geophrey Majiwa
71.   George Ochieng Ochola
72.   George Okanda
73.   George Okode
74.   George Oner
75.   George Opondo
76.   George Rachuonyo
77.   Gideon Ochanda Ogolla
78.   Gladys Wanga
79.   Grace Ogot
80.   Grace Owiti
81.   Guardip Singh
82.   Herbert Ojuang
83.   Hesbon Omollo
84.   Hillary Alila
85.   Israel Kodiaga
86.   Jack Ranguma Gvn
87.   Jalang’o  Anyango
88.   James Bango
89.   James Jagunga
90.   Jane Kiche
91.   Jared Okello
92.   Jared Okello
93.   Jeremiah Owiti
94.   Joan Atieno
95.   Joash Odhiambo
96.   Joe Aketch
97.   Job Ndege
98.   Joe Donde
99.   John Abila
100.   John Anditi
101.   John Ogutu Omondi
102.   John Omboto
103.   John Owuor
104.   Onyango Kobado
105.   John Sewe
106.   Johnson Owiro
107.   Jomo Osodo
108.   PLO Lumumba
109.   Joshua Nyamori
110.   Joyce Majiwa
111.   Jude Odero
112.   Judy Kamare
113.   Julio Polo
114.   Julius Gaya
115.   Julius Okinda
116.   Juma Abiola
117.   Ken Nyagudi
118.   Ken Obura MP
119.   Ken Okoth MP
120.   Kevin Owidi
121.   Kibos Sugar Asians
122.   Lameck Siage
123.   Lazarus Amayo
124.   Lumumba Ouya
125.   Mcobewa Hezron
126.   Macodawa
127.   Mark Matunga
128.   Martin Ogindo
129.   Martin Owino
130.   Martin Owiny
131.   Mathews Ochieng
132.   Maurice Okeyo
133.   Midusa Opiyo
134.   Miguna Miguna
135.   Milly Odhiambo
136.   Monica Amolo
137.   Morris Ogwang
138.   Munira Gilani
139.   Nashon Nguena
140.  Ngala Oboch
141.   Nicanor Achola
142.   Noah Winja
143.   Ochieng Alloice
144.   Ochilo Ayacko
145.   Ochieng Ayiemba
146.   Ochieng Daima
147.   Ochieng Mbeo
148.   Ochieng’ Okello
149.   Ochola Ogoda
150.   Ochola Ogur
151.   Odalo Mak’ Ojuando
152.   Odero  Nyangute
153.   Odhiambo Owiti
154.   Odoyo Owidi
155.   Odunga Mamba
156.   Oduor Ong’wen
157.   Ojuang Abiala
158.   Ojuang K’ombudo
159.   Ojuang Omollo
160.   Okelo Gundi
161.   Okoth Mwanga
162.   Okoth Obado Gvn
163.   Onyango Koyoo
164.  Okoth Ombogo
165.   Oloo Aringo
166.   Oloo Otula
167.   Oluoch Kanindo
168.   Omollo Owino
169.   Omondi Mulwan
170.   Omulo Okal
171.   Onyango Noo
172.   Ooro Odero
173.   Opete Opete
174.   Opiata Ogada
175.   Orure Nyambok
176.   Onyango Oloo
177.   Otieno Karan
178.   Otieno Kopiyo
179.   Otieno Odongo Eng
180.   Otieno Charles
181.   Otieno Orot
182.   Ouma Onyango
183.   Owino Achola
184.   Owino Likowa
185.   Owino Omollo
186.   Owuor Aduma
187.   Paddy Ahenda
188.   Peter Wanyande
189.   Ayiecho Olweny
190.   Patrick Ouya Lumumba
191.   Paul Gogo
192.   Paul Mboga
193.   Paul Odhiambo
194.   Peter Agulo
195.   Peter Pesa
196.   Peter Hongo
197.   Peter Kaluma
198.   Peter Odhego
199.   Peter Odoyo
200.   Peter Raburu
201.   Pherez Ratego
202.   Philip Okundi
203.   Philmon Onyango
204.   Polycarp Ating’a
205.   Polycarp Ochillo
206.   Prof. Larry Gumbe
207.   Prof George Magoha
208.   Raphael Tuju
209.   Rhoda Ahonobadha
210.   Riaga Omollo Ker
211.   Richard Otieno Muga
212.   Richard Ogendo
213.   Robert Otuge
214.   Rosa Buyu
215.   Rose Kisia
216.   Rose Nyamunga MP
217.   Rose Woigo
218.   Roselyne Okumu
219.   Roselyne Onyuka
220.   Salome Awuor
221.   Sam Achuku
222.   Sammy Weya
223.   Samuel Ong’ow
224.   Samuel Osewe
225.   Sarah Ondegoh
226.   Shakeel Shabbir
227.   Shem Ochuodho
228.   Silas Jakarimba
229.   Silvance Osele
230.   Simon Ogendo
231.   Ted Odero
232.   Teddy Olang
233.   Thomas Molo
234.   Tobias Odundo
235.   Tom Alila
236.   Tom Dola
237.   Tom Kpere
238.   Tom Nduku
239.   Tom Obondo
240.   Tom Odege
241.   Tom Ogada
242.   Tom Ojanga
243.   Tom Okoko
244.   Tom Okong’o
245.   Tom Sipul
246.   Victor Nyagaya
247.   Vincent Kodera
248.   Vincent Orinda
249.   Violet Omwamba
250.   Walter Okeyo Mbata
251.   Washington Kalle
252.Washington Ongodo Bishop
253.   William Oduol
254.   William Omondi
255.   Willis Otondi
256.   Winston Ochoro Ayoki
257.   Zacharia Okoth Obado
258.   Zachaues Okoth Archbishop
259.   Zadock Syongo
260.   Zuberi Odhiambo
261.   Otieno Olwaka
262.   Wakiaga Sammy
263.   Philip Ochieng
264.   Leo Odero
265.   Emmanuel Okello
266.    Paddy Onyango
267. Mary Ojode

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