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Sunday, 2 November 2014


ODM Nairobi branch chairman George Aladwa has appealed to residents of Kibra constituency to rally behind Eliud Owalo in the 2017 race for the Kibra parliamentary seat.
Addressing Kibra residents at the Kamukunji grounds in Kibra recently Aladwa said Owalo is one of the few leaders within the Cord Coalition who  are steadfast and committed to the ideals of the opposition, as opposed to many current members of the National Assembly who have abandoned the course of the opposition.
He said Owalo has elaborate networks both locally and internationally that can be tapped to help in addressing the myriad of challenges within Kibra for the benefit of residents of the expansive slum. The seat is held by Ken Okoth who is making his first term in parliament. The incumbent has come under heavy bashing for his dismal performance.
The former mayor who is also AFC Leopards secretary general said Owalo has been a key cog in the wheel of the opposition and has been in the forefront in pin-pointing the ills of the Jubilee government despite not holding any elective position, and would therefore be a valuable asset to ODM as an elected member of the National Assembly in 2017 to help the opposition pursue an appropriate legislative agenda.
Speaking during the same function, Owalo appealed to opposition elected leaders to propagate the ideology of the Cord and also help in spearheading the referendum agenda. He urged them to exercise utmost commitment in disseminating and implementing the Cord’s manifesto instead of cooperating with the national government yet it is just one among the 48 governments whose roles are distinct but complimentary as provided in law. He asserted that whereas Kenyans in their capacity as tax payers deserve equitable distribution of resources, it is misplaced, primitive and outdated for provision of services to be exercised on the basis of loyalty to the national government as was the case during the Nyayo era. He asserted that the focus of all Kenyans should be to push through a legislative framework through referendum that enhances devolution of more resources to the county governments from the current 15pc to 45pc of the national revenue.
He appealed to the youth to acquire IDs and register as voters in readiness for the next elections, noting that it is through exercising their constitutional voting rights that they can facilitate real change in the country by voting in a reform-minded government that guarantees equity, impartiality and fidelity to the constitution for the benefit of the Kenyan masses.
He asked the local party leadership to immediately hold relevant consultations with a view to identifying a total of 25 deserving youth, five from each ward of the constituency whom he will instantly sponsor to pursue driving lessons at the local Grabens Driving School owned and operated by a resident of Kibra constituency as a means of not only empowering the youth economically but also promoting local entrepreneurship. He also promised to spearhead the establishment and operationalisation of two bus projects in Kibra for the youth and women respectively as a first step towards enabling them to become economically self-sufficient.
During the function, Owalo gave cash contribution towards the burial expenses of Yvonne Achieng Jamwaka, wife of ODM youth leader, Julius Jamwaka. Cord leader Raila Odinga sent his cash contribution to the bereaved family through Owalo.
Also present at the function were area MCA Owino Otieno, nominated MCA Catherine Okoth, former councillors Mohammed Gore and Opete Opete as well as local ODM party leaders.