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Sunday, 9 November 2014


Nyali MP Awiti Bolo is under pressure from residents of Rabate and Bombululu and two over alleged discrimination in bursary awards.
The complaints have been raised by concerned parents and stakeholders but the MP has closed his ears to their request to distribute bursary to needy students irrespective of their parents’ political, ethnic or religious affiliation.
Shockingly, needy students in the mentioned areas applied for education bursaries in February 2014 and to date, none of them has received any financial assistance. The parents and students of affected students keep visiting the MPs office on update of the status of their applications but with no success.  
Among those who applied for bursary and are yet to get are Tawa Abel, Munga Tawa, Esther Kalu, Mathew Kalume, Lillian Maina, Susan Maina, Juma Mutunga, Bright Mwalimo, Fikira Yaaa, Kalama Chengo, Aisha Gafo, Jeremiah Mwarundu, David Mnyange, Edwin Sakwa, Paul Mwangangi, Mohammed Jio, Thoya Kazungu and Waren Aboko among others.
Apart from the bursary issue, there have been complaints that there has been no development in Kadzandani ward where the MCA is Ndanda Chiro of ODM. The  area has only one public primary school with a huge population. The area also lacks street lighting and roads are impassable. Sources say the MCAs and the MP’s staff do not allow them to access the two leaders.
Local residents are now contemplating recalling the MCA who was overwhelmingly voted for in 2013 elections after he garnered 4,132 votes against closes opponent Francis Kombe of RC who got 2,327 votes. Others were Mruu Kamoti of DP (120), Jackob Mbalu of ND (226), Mboya Okech of KNC (269), Monica Cheboi of URP (219), Mstahiki Mungela of TNA (1,228), Odhiambo Aboge of NAP (144) and Ramadhan Abdalla of UDFP who garnered 307 votes.
Pressure is also mounting on Awiti over what residents claim as lukewarm performance since his election. There have been allegations of misuse of CDF funds by his management committee.
Awiti was elected on Kalonzo Musyoka’s WDM party after he deserted ODM. He garnered 19,436 votes against ODM’s John Macharo who garnered 15,177 votes.
Others were Abirijah P’Mine of URP (458), Afred Akisa an independent candidate (498), Chrispinus Aleri of FPK (277), Francis Kimburi of KNC (510), Said Mabruk of UDFP (3,269), Yasir Noor of TNA (12,417) and Yasser Ali of Ford-Kenya who garnered 421 votes.
On insecurity, area residents are now demanding that a police post be built at Bombululu to help curb rising cases of insecurity in the area.
They are also demanding that street lights be installed along the only road that cuts across the entire estate from New Malindi Road starting at the Sheikh Zayed Children Centre joining Dr Felix Mandl Road at Mwembe Legeza.
Due to lack of street lights, local residents are now vulnerable to all manner of attacks by armed thieves at night. As a temporary measure, residents are now demanding that they be allocated a police patrol vehicle base to improve the security situation.
Awiti could be facing political test ahead of the 2017 elections as word goes round that he has lost touch with the electorate. Analysts say it is the poor manner in which he has handled CDF that might send him packing come 2017.