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Sunday, 2 November 2014


Authorities in Parliament are pursuing allegations that a member of the National Assembly from Kisii county could be earning two salaries indirectly courtesy of a young inactive senator he hired from his rural constituency and sneaked into the Senate last year.
Sources claim that Kitutu Chache North TNA MP Jimmy Angwenyi has been pocketing his own salary and that of youth representation nominated senator Hosea Onchwangi also of TNA for merely being his godfather.
According to the sources, the outspoken MP sneaked in Senator Onchwang’i after the TNA gave Kisii county the opportunity to nominate a youth to the senate in an effort to endear itself to the Abagusii community.
It is said the MP grabbed the opportunity on the argument that having been the only MP elected directly on the party’s ticket in the county and region, he was best placed to protect TNA interests than his colleagues who had lost at the 2013 polls.
But on getting the nod, the MP defied all attempts at negotiating the deal with all the TNA and friendly politicians in Kisii but instead went underground in a clandestine hunt for a user friendly and youth he could manipulate and use in the Senate. But in the deal to bag the most appropriate nominee, he is sneaked in his direct personal financial interest.
After trying many options, the MP settled on young Onhwang’i, who is claimed to semi-literate from his home area who promised to be loyal and his foot soldier in the senate including giving him over 50pc of his monthly salary and other emoluments as payback for the favour of nominations.
The investigations into the nomination and salary fraud are coming following an outcry that the senator is a deadwood who is yet to make any statement in the senate since being nominated early last year. There are also allegations that he is always only available to vote but never make any tangible contribution even during senate committee deliberations.
In one incident while in a symposium for continental youth leaders in South Africa in mid this year, the MP ducked and pretended to have fallen asleep and avoided giving his official presentation one afternoon while he knew about the moment in advance. It was embarrassing to the Kenyan delegation that was headed by URP senator Kipchumba Murkomen who ended up stepping in to save the situation.
The sources in parliament say that it is a rare kind of fraud which means that the senate seat is not serving its purpose and that it is illegal for an MP to receive two salaries either directly or indirectly.
Besides, Ang’wenyi is being accused back in Kisii of letting down the community in this regard by nominating an unschooled senator who is unable to perform the job, yet the seat should have gone to the many well learned Abagusii youths who would have served well and open up more chances for the community to be getting similar and many more opportunities to serve the county,
Meanwhile, our sources claimed that MP is ever engaged in following the senator all over the place in Nairobi to collect any allowances the senator gets and in the evenings, he sits himself  in bars and clubs in the city thus giving lip service to their main job in parliament and Senate. He is mostly at Tamambo at Karen Blixen in Karen.