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Sunday, 9 November 2014


The dispute over the grabbed land row in Nyamasocho belonging to the Seventh Day Adventist Chuirch took a new twist when the regional  president of the SDA East African Union that covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia Jonathan Maangi visited the site and urged church members to direct their grievances to the administrative arm known as the church conference.
Church members have been trying in vain to get help from the conference many times but the accused land grabber retired senior CID officer Johnson Nyamoko Abuga is reported to have compromised all local leaders and pastors who sing his tune. Attempts by this writer to talk to Pastor Ondiek and the conference director Pastor Atemba yielded no fruits as both made futile promises to call back after meeting their local members who include former Foreign Affairs minister Sam Ongeri and Jeremiash Matagaro who was former police commissioner. Both have not helped sort the land dispute claim by the church which was destroyed by goons under directives of Nyamako.
Attempts to reach him did not succeed as he is said to have changed his phone numbers several times. Other sources say Nyamako accuse him of “being a  serial land grabber” and has been implicated in over seven cases of land ownership dispute. He is said to have used his influence to intimidate and armtwist land owners whose property he has grabbed. The lands in dispute involve Helen Ogise, his brother Otiso Abuga, Musyoka Abuga, Noel Abuga whose houses he demolished using hired goons. Others are Otiso Ondicho, his stepmothers Kwamboka, Estelle Njeri, Nyaboko Nyeriba, Esther Nyaboke, a neighbour Tong Omuya, his aunts Este.
He is also said to have grabbed the Nyamoshoco-Risoe road which the area governor James Ongwae tried to open in May 2014 but he again blocked it. This road connects Kisii-Transmara and has badly affected the transportation of residents including students from neighbouring schools.