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Sunday, 9 November 2014


TNA secretary general Onyango Oloo is a man under siege. It is now alleged that Onyango has abandoned his family in Manyatta Estate in Kisumu and moved in with a widow called Deborah in Kajulu, who is the wife of the late councillor Sebi Odhiambo.
Sebi was voted to the then County Council of Kisumu during the reign of the late Lawrence Oile as mayor following the untimely death of his elder brother, George Odhiambo who was then councillor for Kajulu.
Onyango is also accused of having milked Jane, the wife of the former senior politician in Kisumu, the late Agai Abongo. Onyango allegedly conned Jane millions of shillings and used the money to build a house in Syokimau for his current wife Carren whom he had dumped while he was on a long sojourn preying on gullible widows.
Onyango who is the chairman of Lake Basin Development Authority is also under pressure from TNA loyalists who are keen to see him kicked out of the seat. Those scheming to kick him out argue, he has failed the party’s leadership and that his presence in the party adds no value.
Politicians from Jubilee strongholds of Central and Rift Valley say he comes from Cord zone and that the party should replace him with a loyalist from either Rift Valley or Central regions.
His problems began when he secretly pushed for nomination of MCAs and senators without proper consultations and throwing the party’s constitution out of the window.
Initially, he was believed to be in good books with party chairman Johnson Sakajja but the two have since fallen out due to political interests.
According to sources well versed with TNA power games, Onyango had been promised nomination to either parliament or senate but instead Sakajja landed the nomination something that he has never forgiven Sakajja for. He was later promised appointment to the cabinet to represent the Luo community but President Uhuru appointed Rachel Omamo, daughter of former cabinet minister Odongo Omamo. It has been whispered that Uhuru feared Oloo would not be approved by parliament’s vetting committee as he is having a pending criminal case.