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Sunday, 2 November 2014


The Auditor General’s report for the year 2012-2013 reveals that the construction of the Nakuru North district headquarters stalled after a contractor abandoned the site over claims of nonpayment for work already accomplished.
According to the report, on June 6 2013, the district commissioner, Nakuru North entered into a contract with a local building and civil engineering company to construct the headquarters of the newly created Nakuru North district at a contract sum of Sh40,486,860 for duration of 28 weeks ending in January 2014.
The payment records revealed that the contractor was paid a total of Sh7,713,705 on June 29 2013 for the first and second certificates. A fee note for Sh13,560,000 dated October 28 2013 in respect of certificate No 3 had not been settled.
Physical verification of the project on March 27 2014 established that the building was approximately 55pc complete but the contractor was not on site and no work was going on. Further enquiries however, revealed that the contactor had abandoned the project due to nonpayment for the work already done. It was also noted that in 2012/2013, the only funding received for the project was Sh8 million. Under the circumstances, it is apparent that the project has stalled and the funds already spent may go to waste. Due to escalation of costs, more funds may be required to revive the project.