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Sunday, 2 November 2014


Outpoken Elgeyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkomen who is tireless in defence of the Jubilee government is now being accused of misleading Deputy President William Ruto leading to marginalisation of the community that voted almost to the last man for the Uhuruto axis in 2013.
Speaking to Weekly Citizen but preferring not to be named, a spokesman of the Marakwet professional association accused Murkomen of “sedating the whole community with lies and empty chestthumping on national TV channels” while the people who voted for Uhuruto have nothing to write home about.
The spokesman accused  Ruto of failing to appreciate the overwhelming support the community gave Jubilee enabling it to win the hotly contested poll and only appointing Nandis and Keiyos to senior positions.
The professionals warned that they will soon meet to chart their political future and are considering joining the Pesa Mashinani push of Isaac Ruto or even Cord referendum thrust
“if the current marginalisation of the community continues unchecked.”
During the 2013 presidential poll, Rift Valley voted overwhelmingly with their central Kenya allies for the Uhuruto, snubbing Raila Odinga who in the troubled 2007 elections won support across the country.
The resulting political violence in 2007-8 left more than 1,300 dead and 650,000 mostly Kikuyu and Kalenjin displaced. But in 2013, the two populous communities agreed to bury their hatchet and despite facing crimes against humanity charges at ICC romped effectively capturing the presidency with Uhuru wearing the shoes of his late father and post-independence founding father of the nation Jomo Kenyatta.