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Sunday, 2 November 2014


Ngome Council of Elders of Mbeere are up in arms against Kirinyaga county leaders with claims that the contested Mwea trust land lies in their jurisdiction.
According to the chairman Eston Nthinga, they are guided by the 1939 Carter Commission that settled the traditional boundaries between Kirinyaga and Mbeere communities. The elders were reacting to press reports by the Kirinyaga leaders that the land belongs to Kirinyaga county.
There have been reports that the Kirinyaga county plans to subdivide the trust land without involving Embu governor Martin Wambora. Wambora has, however, said he was keen to see the tussle over who was the true beneficiary solved.
The governor said the county would hire surveyors to speed up the process to ensure it was completed immediately. This is the first time that Wambora has publicly declared his stand over the land dispute which has pitted the Nyaangi Ndiiriri and Ngome council against the Mwea council of elders on how to undertake the adjudication process.
 “I don’t want to meddle in the Mwea issue. This is not a politicians’ issue. Elders from Mbeere, Embu, Kikuyu and Kamba have all moved to court staking claim to the land. They agreed to abandon court and agree among themselves on the sharing. I will provide government surveyors to carry out the process,” said the governor.