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Tuesday 22 July 2014


The Joint CORD Coalition Parliamentary group meeting held at the Boma Hotel on this 22nd day of 2014 hereby resolves as follows;

1. That the CORD Parliamentary group unanimously endorses the proposed national referendum and fully enjoins itself to work tirelessly towards its realization and success to stem the tide of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, insecurity and the long list of injustices crippling our people, among others.

2. The CORD Parliamentary Group unreservedly adopts the framework for national referendum encompassing the National Council of Advisors, the Political Caucus, the National Referendum Committee, the Committee of Experts, Citizens' forum, the Secretariat and Grassroots Volunteer Action committees. The comprehensive organ gram of the envisaged structure is hereby attached.

3. That to kick off the process the CORD PG endorses Mr. Paul Mwangi as the chairman of the Committee of Experts. The membership of the Committee includes M/s Kethi Kilonzo, Mr. Khelef Khalifa and M/s Beatrice Kituyi .The Committee of Experts is forthwith charged with the responsibility of crafting and formulating the referendum issues. This team will be increased as appropriate with regard to its workload and expertise requirements.

4. That the declining security situation in the country is a clear demonstration of a regime that has abdicated the highest calling of any responsible government to protect the lives and property of its citizens. As Kenyans continue to be ravaged by marauding gangs and terrorists all over the country and the coastal region in particular, CORD condemns the jubilee leadership's hollow rhetoric and never ending ultimatums that have yielded nothing and exhibited little empathy with the victims of these attacks.

5. CORD is disturbed and concerned that aspects of insecurity engulfing the Coast is the work of agents of the State and are deliberate diversionary tactic devised to tribalize the escalating security situation.

6. We demand an overhaul of the security and intelligence management of the country and a comprehensive plan for peace and security for all residents of the coastal region in particular and the country in general.

7. That we condemn in the sternest terms possible the raw corruption exhibited during the recent police recruitment exercise and demand the nullification of the entire process and prosecution of the perpetrators. We demand for a repeat exercise that will be fair, transparent, equitable and reflective of the diversity of our nation.

8. That the security apparatus of the state be properly devolved to the county level so that the recruitment exercise can be comprehensively vetted and supervised by the county governments.

9. That Jubilee regime publishes the names of all appointments to the Public Service carried out in the last one year and all the sackings that have taken place in the same period. On the same breath, we also demand a publication of names of all senior pubic officers from the position of director upwards and those sacked or retired in the last one year by ethnicity, gender and region.

10. That the so called rationalization of the parastatals is another turf war devised by the jubilee administration as a conduit for more corruption, wheeler dealing and ethnic purging of individuals perceived to hail from areas not friendly to the establishment. We demand that the people of Kenya must have a say on this process.

11. That Jubilee administration presents the people of Kenya with the roadmap for the withdrawal of our gallant sons and daughters fighting in Somalia, updates the country on how many of our soldiers have been killed in that war, what kind of support the State has extended to their families, how much the government is spending on this war and how much expenditure is being incurred by AMISOM.

12. That the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation report be implemented as originally compiled by the Commission as a solution to the feelings of betrayal and injustices our people are struggling with.


Right Hon Raila Odinga

Hon Kalonzo Musyoka

Sen Moses Wetangula

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