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Wednesday 23 July 2014


A report by Auditor General reveals that sixty employees of the defunct municipal who had been suspended from employment some for even more than five years were reinstated in February 2013.

Some of them had served jail term for work related offenses. There was no inventory of specific number of employees from the defunct councils to be inherited by the County Government produced for audit verification.

The handing over report had a figure of 2,555 employees while the February payroll had 2,566 and the employee validation report 2,558. It was noted that the County Government was employing new staff before carrying out job evaluation and assessment of human resource need of the county Government to support future rationalization.

The Auditor recommended that the irregularity of hiring suspended employees should be further investigated to assess whether there are grounds to bring charges to culpable officers in relation to various offences including abuse of office.

The following irregularities were observed during the audit :
Purchases of paints amounting Kshs.1,462,551.00 via PV No. 0262 was not supported with documentary evidence including delivery note, invoice and signed GRN.

Imprest held in the office of Kshs.3,000,000 was above the recommended Kshs.700,000 by Public Financial Management Act. There were outstanding I Owe You (IOU’s) of Kshs.5,091,347 as at the time of the audit in contravention of financial regulations and procedures in place and payments of Kshs.1,145,165, Kshs.1,172,885 and Kshs.1,166,861 made to Matatu welfare in the months of July, August and September 2013 were not supported with documentary evidence. Also unsupported are amounts of Kshs.7,996,693 in respect of motor vehicle running expenses (fuel, tyres, and repairs).

The Governor hired a chopper at Kshs.738,715 for the Nandi Visit which could not be justified. Amounts totaling Kshs.33,000,000 paid to private lawyers without county Government authority in the months of March 2013 could not be justified.

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