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Sunday 27 July 2014


Trans Nzoia has been blamed for colluding with conmen in Kitale town who use tricks to extort money from innocent residents especially women and school children who are unaware of their con gimmicks.

Speaking to Weekly Citizen, a businessman Richard Simiyu blamed the enforcement department for allowing and entertaining the hoodlums who pretend to work with Safaricom as mobile phone promoters to operate in Kitale. He said women and school children are being conned by the crooks who have now moved near former Standard Bank building from their initial place opposite Suam Supermarket where they  encountered donkey beatings by hawkers who claimed they were stealing  from innocent people.

The same complaint was raised by a boda boda rider in town Ben Robert who blamed the enforcement department for entertaining the cons because they are in need of daily tax. He said if there will be no response, they will organise a demonstration to the county to protest why they have allowed con mobile phone promoters to roam and steal from innocent citizens. He said they should sell their products without involving their customers in tricky promotions where the innocent lose money.

Recently, a woman was conned Sh16,000 by the crooks in a fake mobile phone promotion where she was given a card to scratch and told she had won. She was told to leave her phone numbers so that she could be called later to collect her present after refusing to refund her money saying she had already scratched the card’’.  Last year, before they received beatings by hawkers, they were arrested by Kitale CID officers but they are now back again in different corners.

Robert said they now  that school children and ignorant women will fall prey to the cons’ tricks. Kitale Town Central chief has also pointed an acccusing finger at the county enforcement department for their failure to dismantle the terror group who normally come with their vehicle as they promote their bogus products. Efforts to get the county enforcement boss Eliud Nabiimba were futile and his juniors refused to comment.

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