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Monday 28 July 2014


Narok county governor Samuel ole Tunai to serve all people living in the county without discrimination in line with the Uhuru Kenyatta ruling Jubilee government administration policy.
The MP who was elected on TNA ticket claimed that despite overwhelming support Uhuru and William Ruto Jubilee coalition enjoyed in the county, supporters allied to TNA are allegedly getting a raw deal from the county government.

Kenta pointed out that the governor, for unknown reason has blacklisted his Narok North constituency saying that services, resources and employment opportunities earmarked for the area is being shifted to the governor’s perceived political correct areas.

A furious Kenta wondered why Narok town and the neighbouring estates perceived to be the TNA strongholds have been denied services as evidenced by heaps of garbage that litter most pathways and pose health hazard to the residents.

“Narok town is the county headquarters and gateway to the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve but today is rated amongst the dirtiest county headquarters in country. The governor Tunai and his team have deliberately ignored Narok town business community despite huge amount of revenue they pay to the county  through business licence fee just because they supported and elected a Jubilee MP,’’ claimed Ole Kenta as he called for fair services to all by the county government.

Kenta made history in Narok county after he brought to an abrupt end the long political career of veteran politician William Ole Ntimama. Kenta is the only M out six in the county elected on TNA ticket while others including the governor, senator and women representative are elected on URP platform.

Kenta told Narok North constituency residents to stand up and stop shying away from demanding from the county their democratic rightful share of the county cake.
“The governor should share available resources and employment opportunities equitably to all communities irrespective of their party affiliation or ethnic backgrounds living in the county. We shall seek legal redress if need be to compel him to give all our democratic rights’’ thundered Kenta at Masikonde Primary School when he addressed parents, teachers and pupils after he officially opened two newly constructed classrooms funded by his Narok North constituency development fund kitty. 

Kenta said the current situation in employment opportunities and distribution of resources in the county clearly demonstrated unfairness when some communities worse of all the Purko clan of the Maasai of the Maa community were allegedly deliberately locked out.
Kenta said that he has no apology to make to anybody for demanding the rightful share of the county cake for the Maa community Purko clan whom he claimed have been unfairly left out in deployment of officers in senior county leadership positions.

“Members of the Purko clan who are the majority among the Maa speaking community have suffered under the leadership of Governor Tunai. They have been completely locked out in favour of relatively small clans courtesy of their political affiliation,’’ a furious Kenta claimed amid thunderous applause from the crowd.

He said it is the Purko clan and other communities living in the county constitutional right to get employment in the county for as long as they meet required entry grades.

The MP vowed not to sit and watch his people languish in poverty and lack of service when the governor was importing people from outside the county to work in the area saying the county has enough skilled people to take all employment positions.

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