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Sunday 7 December 2014


Two-time world 800m champion Billy Konchelah has now taken on leaders opposed the leadership of embattled Narok governor Samuel Ole Tunai.
After attending a court session last Thursday where a camp allied to Athletics Kenya boss Isaiah Kiplagat is trying to block a special general meeting by Konchelah’s group to oust Kiplagat, the athlete took a swipe at Tunai’s rivals.
Konchelah said the scheme to oust Tunai was being hatched by election losers out to take leadership through the backdoor after being defeated in free and fair polls during the 2013 general elections.
Addressing a press conference in Nairobi, Konchelah who is the AK Kilgoris sub-branch chairman and technical director of the Maasai Mara Marathon, urged the governor’s rivals, Narok county residents and stakeholders to unite behind the leadership of the county by working together as one and to embrace dialogue for the sake of development.
Konchelah was supported by Michael Maito, former Trans Mara county council vice-chairman and Bruce Ole Shankil, an elder from Moitanic clan.
“We condemn the unorthodox means being used to oust Tunai from office by his political rivals. We urge those who feel aggrieved and have grounds to support their claims to use constitutional means of removing him from office instead of resorting to violence, incitement and planned forcible eviction of Tunai from his office and press wars,” they said.
The trio said if those against Tunai  have sufficient grounds they should exploit legal avenues like discussing the conduct of the governor in the county assembly, report to the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, Criminal Investigations Department or even Director of Public Prosecutions for investigations instead of stifling development through political rhetoric by fighting the governor.
Resorting to other illegal means shows that they do not have genuine concerns but ulterior motives laced with malice, charged the trio.
They said what Tunai has done within the period he has been in office is commendable and if given more time he could accomplish much.
They said the governor should be given time to work instead of being distracted with squabbles in the county.
“Rome was not built in a day and Tunai is not a magician to work and initiate development projects through magic. He should therefore be accorded co-operation and support by all stakeholders and the Narok electorate to enable him meet the objectives contained in his pre-election pledges and then be judged at the end of his term,” said Konchelah.

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