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Sunday 14 December 2014


Security at the port of Mombasa has been heightened to high standards through the erection of a perimeter wall reinforced with an electric fence around the port’s jurisdiction and the automation of gates making it difficult for container thieves to be on the loose.
In addition, all port services have since been computerised and the cartels that thrived in the 1990s through fraudulent deals have been driven out of business. However, a few isolated cases still occur due to what is thought to be the collaboration of the cartels with the other official actors.
The port’s enhanced security system was reportedly constructed by a firm of consultants from Israel and is currently considered a world class.
And back to gates and other entrances, all port users and employees have been issued with special computerised passes which they use to access the port and the offices. This has complicated matters for unauthorised persons to access the port of Mombasa facilities. It is also a strict requirement for vehicle owners to have special stickers before they can be allowed in.
Passengers in vehicles must alight at the gates for security screening, meaning no one can be sneaked into the port without him or her having a personal pass.
VIPs are required to inform the authority’s security apparatus to avoid in conveniences at the gates, it has been observed. Investigations revealed that the port security is under strict instructions to block any unauthorised person irrespective of social status from accessing the port.
The KPA head of security is  Mohammed Morowa. The MD is Gichiri Ndua while Danson Mungatana is the KPA board chairman.

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