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Sunday 7 December 2014


Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka reshuffled his cabinet in a bid to fast track service delivery to the electorate with the move generating political heat among those affected.
Lusaka said his move is aimed at enhancing service delivery in line with the aspirations of and needs of the electorate, adding that this will enable him implement his manifesto fully.
Stephen Kokonya who  was the minister of gender, culture, youths and sports has been moved to influential ministry of health whereas Grace Khayota who has been heading health, water and sanitation has been moved to gender and culture.
Paul Masinde (finance and economic planning), Stephen Nendela (roads, transport, infrastructure and public works), Teresia Nakhungu (environment, natural resources, water and tourism) retained their positions respectively. The trio are said to be key players in the governor’s kitchen cabinet.
Lusaka also retained Patrick Koyi (agriculture, livestock and fisheries), Beryl Mutekhele (education, youth and sports) and Mokin Ptanguny (public administration) respectively, adding that their dockets were among the best performing ministries in his government.
The permanent secretary of livestock in the grand coalition government also retained John Munyasia (housing and sanitation), Laurian Kolikho (trade and industrialisation) respectively.
Also affected in the reshuffle were the chief officers of various ministries where Evans Fwamba who was the chief officer for tourism was moved to the ministry housing and sanitation. David Kibiti (formerly the chief officer of education) was moved to the ministry of public administration as chief officer. The transfers have been the talk of town. Others say Fwamba has been demoted whereas in certain quarters view it is a promotion.
 Lusaka also moved Christine Wasike (formerly chief officer in charge of culture) to ministry of education whereas John Mukhwana retained his post as chief officer in charge of water. The department of water which was previously under health docket has been enjoined to the ministry of environment, tourism and natural resources.
Chief officers Jacob Okisegere (livestock and fisheries), Monica Fedha (agriculture), Bernard Mureka (health), Robert Simiyu (lands, urban and physical planning), Peter Mukenya (trade, energy and Industrialisation) and Martin Talian (environment, natural resources and tourism) retained their previous positions respectively.
Lusaka also retained Herbert Kibunguchy (roads, transport and infrastructure), Consolata Wakwabubi (gender and culture) and Chrispinus Barasa (finance and economic) respectively.
The Bungoma governor also reshuffled his communication department where Rosemary Wachiye who has been a principal information officer in the officer of the governor has been demoted the deputy governor’s office as director whereas Noellah Musundi retained her post as communications director while Simbi Kusimba will be her deputy.
Lusaka moved Roselyn Omollo who has been his political adviser to liaison resource mobilisation and partnership adviser in the same office while Wanyonyi Buteyo will be his new political adviser. The arrival of Buteyo at the county offices has not been received well by some in Lusaka kitchen cabinet who fear he will overshadow them. Sources say Lusaka is out to rebrand his political team by bringing on board influential faces to counter the Wycliffe Wangamati who has been criss-crossing the county donating in fundraisers. Wangamati is set to oppose Lusaka come 2017. However, the entry of Wafula Wamunyinyi in the race is also complicating matters for anti-Lusaka camp. Another talk doing rounds is that Wangamati camp is concerned that Ford-Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula has not come out in open to support them. The question is, will Wetang’ula run for governorship as some who surround him are already suggesting?
Julius Bakasa who failed to capture Tongaren seat on a New Ford Kenya ticket will head the special programmes docket in acting capacity pending regularisation by the county public service board.
 Moses Wafula who has been the acting events organiser will now double up responsibility as the head of protocol and events organiser in acting pending regularisation by the county public service board whereas Kenneth Pkania and catherine Nabutola will be his assistants.
The governor moved Donald Walucho formerly in charge of protocol to be in charge of logistics in his office while Joseph Mbwiga will be in charge of the governors security detail and escort and will be assisted by David Masinde.

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