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Sunday 14 December 2014


Cord is slated for turbulent times in Western Kenya ahead of 2017 elections as fresh forays by the ruling Jubilee alliance are staged in a proposed onslaught against their opposition opponent brigade in the populous Luhya nation.
Politics of “opposition” against “development” is slated to take a cardinal role in the battle - two years after elections, bringing into focus fresh political scramble for the area’s enormous votes ahead of the general elections.
Led by the deputy president William Ruto and URP party boss, the move is geared towards knocking off balance the perceived Cord stronghold and convert the region into its vote basket bank.
The move comes against the backdrop of a massive countrywide coup in Cord that has sent the opposition principals to the drawing board for a strategy that will see them overcome the emerging onslaught drive by Jubilee political masterplanners.
Pundits have been keen to note that the Jubilee government is keen in winning the region to its side from the weak jaws of the opposition who are seemingly losing grip of the bloc with empty promissory for reforms.
Jubilee seem to be baiting the region with goodies to win support following what political observers term as a clever move to elbow the rival opposition from control of the region using power and resources.
The strategy is opined by political experts as the key reason creating entry of the ruling regime into the region that had developed cold feet to Uhuru government after the recently concluded general elections that saw the region miss out on key ministerial appointments for the first time in Kenyan history.
Top on the agenda list of the counties under target is Bungoma county where Cord co-principal and Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula reigns – that has been in the recent past converted into a high tectonic political battle between opposition and government.
Bungoma county is perceived as Wetang’ula’s political base that has been up for grabs with his political nemesis and New Ford Kenya party leader Eugene Wamalwa.
Ruto’s frequent tour in the region has however raised eyebrows as keen observers have linked the move to a political game to check Wetang’ula in his home turf.
Wetang’ula and Ruto tore into each other in a bare knuckle combat during a recent fundraiser in Bungoma in a battle that has left opposition bruises bleeding.
The two differed sharply in public during a boda boda fundraiser as Ruto humiliated the opposition principal for misleading the public amid cheers and jeers as he descended on the opposition warlords. Ruto called off Wetang’ula’s claims that they will form the next government terming it as “day dreaming”.

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