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Sunday 7 December 2014


The governor of Nyamira John Nyagarama has come under accusations of promoting funeral hooliganism using his supporters to intimidate his opponents. The charges were levelled against the governor by the New-Kenya People’s leader Samson Momanyi who alleged the governor was associated with funeral hooliganism associated with his supporters.
Momanyi accused the governor’s supporters of allegedly tracking down his critics to funeral gatherings to either heckle or manhandle them over claims they were anti-Nyagarama.
Speaking to the press in Kisii town after Nyagarama’s supporters allegedly threatened to lynch and rough him up during the funeral of Edwin Angwenyi at Rigoma Kitutu Masaba, Momanyi challenged Nyagarama’s supporters to exercise restraint and tolerance to divergent political opinion or views.
Momanyi claimed he escaped an attack from Nyagarama’s supporters by a whisker at the funeral and it took the intervention of the mourners to repulse the alleged goons who were baying for his blood, accusing him of attacking the governor during funeral functions.
“It is sad and barbaric for supporters of Nyagarama to import political hooliganism to funerals instead of mourning with bereaved families as was the norm with the Gusii community’s customs and culture. I challenge leaders and their supporters to keep off hooliganism at funerals for purposes of the community’s unity,” stated Momanyi.
He reminded Nyagarama that he was not interested in contesting for the governor’s seat, but he was holding him accountable as a resident and voter from the county.

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