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Sunday 7 December 2014


The mystery surrounding the loss of Sh2.8 billion at Office of the President has sucked in the controversial Othaya MP Mary Wambui who is said to be linked to the East Gate Apartments located along Kangundo Road and is currently hosting police officers.
According to sources, Wambui using her links in the then Kibaki government had a cartel of senior Internal Security ministry officials who used a secret account at National Bank of Kenya to siphon billions in taxpayers’ money from public coffers in the run-up to last year’s general elections to pay for the construction of the apartments to host the police officers at an exorbitant price.
Wambui is known to have wielded a lot of power during the reign of Kibaki and used her connection at Harambee House to cut deals and strike deals with impunity.
A report on government spending for the year 2012 unearthed the existence of a secret account at National Bank of Kenya where Sh2.8 billion was wired and spent on items marked as “confidential”.
The parliamentary Public Accounts Committee chairman Ababu Namwamba has pointed accusing fingers at Francis Kimemia who served as permanent secretary in the ministry and later the Head of Civil Service and Mutea Iringo who were the accounting officers in the Internal Security ministry in the financial year ended June 2013. Kimemia was a powerful face in Kibaki regime and was against Uhuru Kenyatta’s bid to State House.
According to the report which was tabled in parliament, the ministry operated an account at National Bank of Kenya that is parallel to the regular account at the Central Bank of Kenya. The account, though referred to as Police Account (PCom) is operated as a general account at Office of the President.
The report further revealed that the account was designed to irregularly facilitate unlimited cash withdrawals beyond the set limits. The multi-billion shillings scandal raises fresh integrity questions over the management of public resources at the presidency which is directly in charge of the key security docket that has been under pressure with the continuing rise of terrorists’ mayhem and other activities that have continued to mar the country and jeopardise the security of Kenyans.
Apart from Kimemia and Iringo, the report also reveals that all the fraudulent dealings at the defunct ministry of Internal Security and Provincial Administration were done by one Ben Kihia, a senior accountant at OP. Kihia also features in multi-million shillings scam at the government press.
The report further reveals the 48 cash withdrawals from the secret account between July 2012 and March 2013 totaling Sh1.1 billion.  Kihia is a shrewd operative said to have bought property in South Africa. He has been at the OP for years and using influence resisted any  transfer.

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