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Sunday 7 December 2014


Utangwa Secondary School parents and the community in Mbooni West district are up in arms against the principal Daniel Nzwili whom they accuse of having failed the leadership test.
The principal who was well known to the public after he allegedly leaked the 2008 KCSE exams while serving as head at Mbooni Boys’ causing the cancelation of examination of 203 candidates, has kept his trend in Utangwa that has resulted into another three missing out during this year’s exams.
The school now leaves three homesteads lament the fate of the three students-two girls and a boy who were caught using mobile phones within exam rooms and taken to Tawa Law Courts where they were charged and later released on  bond. The biggest question remains whether the head was aware of the mobile being possessed by the students with word that he was also arrested after his phone was tapped communicating with another head from Oyugis who also happens to be his relative.
The headteacher was interdicted from Mbooni Boys after the 2008 incident only to be saved by the late Education minister Mutula Kilonzo but now is left exposed. Nzwili brags on several occasions that he controls the county education office and top TSC officials who are there to protect him from any external forces with parents now threatening to withdraw their students from the school to elsewhere.
Affected parents of one girl said that they never knew about their daughter having a phone but later emerged that the head bought it for her to assist in cheating exams which he is known for. The girl who had been transferred from Mukuyuni Secondary in Kaiti constituency was before her transfer allegedly fed by the randy head.
The biggest question remains why is the Makueni education office not taking any action on Nzwili.

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