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Sunday 7 December 2014


The Nakuru county commissioner for co-operatives Patrick Makenyengo allegedly “assaulted” Subukia subcounty co-operative officer in Nakuru county recently.
The incident that was roundly condemned by those who witnessed it is said to have happened last Wednesday at Makenyengo’s office in Nakuru. The scuffle was caused by differences between Makanyengo and a Mr Okora over the splitting of Juma Tatu Farmers Co-operative Society Limited into two. The  splitting resulted in the formation of another co-operative society by the name Juma Inne  Farmers  Co-operative  Society after it was approved  by the  commissioner  of co-operative development and marketing  based in Nairobi
The chairman of the  new co-operative farmers co-operative society, Isaack Kanyoro,  accused  Makenyengo of intimidating them and his officers and dared him  to deregister  the society. “We  shall go  to see the  commissioner for co-operative, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and the area  MP, and in fact we are taking legal action against Makenyengo immediately over his threats,” he said.
Kanyoro and his supervisory committee chairman a Mr Wajeya said it was wrong for Makenyengo to abuse his colleague before them irrespective of the reason for his action. “It was a bad show by Makenyengo who supposed to give good example,” Kanyoro said the process of splitting of the society was followed as provided in the Co-operative Society’s Act chapter 490 Laws of Kenya. “If he wants bribes or hand outs like  he is used to, let him say so without creating confusion by making false accusation against us and government officers doing their duties  as expected” retorted Kanyoro who  appealed to the governor  to advising Makenyengo to respect them, the  law and his colleagues.

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