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Sunday 22 February 2015

Ford Kenya questions sacking of casuals

Ford Kenya national organising secretary for youths David Wakoli has questioned the motive by the county government of Bungoma to axe casuals who were inherited from the defunct local authorities of their duties.
Wakoli was addressing the press in his office recently where he said that those who are mostly affected are the ones tasked to ensure Bungoma town and its environs is clean, saying that others have not received their salaries for the past two months.
He told the press that he had received complaints from the affected workers last week, arguing that the youths were subjected to the biometric data registration exercise and it was ascertained that they were county government workers but were now being sacked since they are now regarded as ghost workers.
“These youths have been casuals for the last 10 years and were inherited from  county council. How come they are now being sacked in the name of ghost workers?” Wakoli lamented.
He said others were being threatened to face the same axe given the fact that they do not have political godfathers at the county government in a bid to get employed, alleging that others were being asked to part with money so as to get employed permanently.
“I have been reliably informed that others are being asked to bring their political godfathers so as to be employed permanently after parting with bribes to those in charge of the whole exercise. Where do they take the salary which they are paid from the public coffers money,” posed Wakoli.
The Ford Kenya youthwing asked Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka to come out clean and tell Bungoma residents as to why his government was laying off casuals yet he publicly assured them that workers from the defunct local authority will not be sacked after ascending to the helm of power.
Wakoli told Lusaka to review his decision of sacking Bungoma youths notwithstanding the fact that they overwhelmingly voted for him during the contentious March 4 2013 general election, arguing they woke up as early as 4.00am to clean the town but the county government was only mistreating them.
Elsewhere, Bungoma senator spokesperson also took issue with MBSI security services managing director Wanyonyi Waswa to ensure he pays the security guards manning the county government offices, adding that failure to which, he will have no alternative but to rise up an help them demand for their rights.
 Efforts to reach Lusaka were futile as he was not picking our calls nor replying to our text messages whereas Waswa was so rude to the press when called for comments, where he said that there is no media house in Bungoma that can summon him to comment on petty issues.

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