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Sunday 22 February 2015

Stroke puts Governor Gachagua in London hospital bed

The absence of Nyeri governor Nderitu Gachagua from office has sparked a heated debate with members of the county assembly demanding to be told his health status. Word has it that Gachagua was admitted to hospital in a coma and his allies have been hiding facts.
There was a heated debate in the Nyeri county assembly after minority leader Fredrick Karere tabled a statement on ailing Gachagua.
The MCAs had demanded to be told for how long Gachagua will be out of office and if his deputy is indeed in charge. The MCAs now claim that failure to disclose Gachagua’s health status has left residents in anxiety over his whereabouts. The last time the governor was seen in public was during last year’s Jamhuri Day celebrations.
The MCAs led by Salma Uledi, Wachira Waruru and Kibira Ngunyi claim that the relevant departments are hiding the truth about Gachagua’s health status. He is said to have been suffering from high blood pressure that led to a mild stroke that has made him unable to read and write.
Gachagua is in the UK receiving medical care and is responding well. Due to the ailment Gachagua’s deputy Samuel Wamathai is in charge and there is no leadership vacuum in the county’s executive.
The matter has however taken a fresh turn after two Nyeri MPs Esther Murugi and Kanini Kega demanded that the family of the governor issues a statement on the health status of Gachagua to end the anxiety.
His absence has been a subject of debate in social gatherings, public barazas, churches and now the county assembly.
Last month, Gachagua’s wife Margaret confirmed that her husband has been undergoing medical tests but said his condition is now stable.
Apart  from stroke claims others say that Gachagua was admitted to a hospital in South Africa, allegedly for blood cancer.
Gachagua was transferred from South Africa to India for more medical attention, and finally to a London hospital.
It is claimed that Gachagua  has been suffering from blood cancer or leukemia described as serious illness that needs special attention.
Gacagua was last Saturday expected to be the Chief guest at a funds raising meeting held at Nyamachaki Primary School where Githaiga took his position.
Gachagua has been under intense criticism by his political opponents over the coffee sales of which farmers have been demanding higher returns of their coffee berries.
Similar sentiments arose when the aged people were assembled at Dedan Kimathi Stadium expecting some money, but eventually went home unhappy after they were advised to form self-help groups. The residents nonetheless wish Gachagua a quick recovery and said he is in their prayers every day.

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