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Sunday 22 February 2015

Yatta CDF board in pains to refute allegations

The management board of Yatta constituency Development fund has recruited claims that it was awarding contracts and other benefits to their relatives and political cronies of the area MP Francis Mwangangi and has discriminated the entire youth in the area.
Speaking to the press recently at Matuu CDF offices, members of the board took a great exception of allegations appearing in a section of the media where the Yatta Youth Development Forum chairman  Mule Kilonzo had criticised the area MP for shunning area youth members by not giving them CDF contracts as promised during his election campaigns.
Led by the CDF chairman Sabastian Nzuki and CDF manager J Munyao, the board members said the CDF mode of operations was above board and guided by virtues of transparency, accountability, procurement and disposal Act and challenged those with problems with the board to come and address issues at hand.
The duo dismissed as lies Kilonzo’s claims that the entire CDF board is riddled with nepotism and corruption, with those close to the MP and other board members getting all the contracts and wondered why they were not in a hurry to seek clarification from the government’s investigative agencies, adding that most of those who missed out during the contracts award failed to meet the criteria threshold.
They further told Kilonzo and company to publicly name those MPs cronies they claimed were drawing salaries from the CDF kitty under the pretext of undertaking research that is only known by the rep chairman and the funds manager and threatened to take legal action if efforts to prove their claims were delayed.
Contacted for a comment, several youth development forum members in Matuu, Katangi and Sophia told Weekly Citizen that it is everyone’s knowledge in the constituency that elderly and well established contractors mostly from outside were the beneficiaries and challenged the CDF board to publish the names of youth members who ever got any contract.
Meanwhile, Yatta CDF has disbursed cheques worth Sh4.5 million to university and college students, area chairman Sebastian Nzuki has disclosed.

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