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Monday 16 February 2015

Kilifi police boss on the receiving end

The fate of an assault case against former deputy commissioner of police Musa Katsutsu now lies in the hands Director of Public Prosecution, KeriakoTobiko, after a local human rights organisation, Commission for Human Rights and Justice wrote to him after failure by the police to arrest the former senior police officer.
In a letter dated February 12 2015, the organisation demands appropriate action to be taken against the former police officer whom junior police officers believe is untouchable. This follows an assault case No 45//16/1/2015 which has ruffled feathers at Mtwapa Police Station.
The case of the former police commandant at Kiganjo Police Training College has attracted critics from the villagers of Kilifi county. The complainant alleges that he has been frustrated at Mtwapa Police Station, whenever she complained.
 Incidents of former police officers killings their families are rampant in Kenya, creating a bad image and indiscipline amongst some officers in the force in which majority of Kenyans once had confidence.
Surprisingly, it is not the first case the said former officer is reported to have been involved in at the local police station which is faced with numerous graft allegations. It is alleged by those privy to operations at the police station that most officers have lust for white women in Mtwapa.
Mtwapa in Kilifi county is a tourist hub, where young school dropouts go for urban lifestyles, with the tag “My Dress my Choice” to lure foreigners. Majority of twilight girls sleep during the day and wake up for business at night.
At the Mtwapa Police Station, there are incidents of tampering with the duty roster by the officer-in-charge at the station of favouring his lieutenants who bring him kickbacks from night operations.
The officer is alleged to be seen on a drinking spree with the said former police officer. Those privy to his operations narrate how he brags of being powerful in the entire police force.

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