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Sunday 22 February 2015

Webuye MTC student take poison on Valentine’s

A medical training college student is recuperating from self-poisoning after an alleged Valentine Day love affair that went sour.
The Webuye MTC student identified as Rebecca Wasilawa is said to have taken poison after she found his college boyfriend with another girl on that famous ‘Lovers Day’ prompting her to attempt suicide.
Felix Otieno, a second year nursing student at the college, is said to have hooked himself up with a fresh new student-cum-love bird on that day before coming in direct contact with his old girlfriend.
Drama started at that point prompting public intervention that saved the new student from a possible fight.
A source within the college divulged that the nursing student partook the dose from a vet shop identified as Diazonal that nearly took away her life.
“We heard her threatening to kill herself  in the evening of the fateful day, and few minutes later after she got to the hostel,  we heard her screaming in pain,’’ a source said which sought anonymity said.
The source added that they rushed her to Webuye District Hospital where she got emergency care that rescued her life.
She denied revealing to her parents who visited her at the hospital any link between the suicide attempt and the love triangle.
The girl is confirmed to be serving a two weeks suspension penalty by the administration for suicide attempt.

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