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Monday 9 February 2015

Timboroa subchief protects monster rapist son

Following the Weekly Citizen expose of the serial rapist who is on the loose in Eldoret town, while enjoying protection from his powerful relatives and the police, the woman who was raped by the man twice is now facing new threats and intimidation from the provincial administration.
She has now been warned that she will face unexplained dire consequences for revealing her rape ordeal to your favourite newspaper. The woman is said to have been raped by the villain in 2009 and 2014 and infected her with the HIV, an act that led her husband to desert her. The woman who is a vegetable seller at Matharu trading centre in Burnt Forest was confronted by the area assistant chief and scolded for disclosing the shocking rape incident to Weekly Citizen.
The assistant chief who is the father of the serial rapist was accompanied by administration officers.
“Usituchezee sisi hapa! Utaona cha mtema kuni! Nani alikuambia utoboe haya mambo kwa Weekly Citizen?”
(Don’t joke around with us here. You will soon see what will happen to you. Who told you to leak this matter to Weekly Citizen?), the assistant chief thundered, breathing fire and brimstones.
The woman, who is a victim of the 2007/2008 post-election violence, did not utter a word as the furious administrator who warned her that she would be evicted from Uasin Gishu county and taken back to her ancestral home.
“We don’t want brutes like you here? Do you understand this? My son will not be jailed for rape whether you like it or not, and he will continue raping you people! We will continue offering him protection as he rapes you!” the  agitated assistant chief shouted, obviously intoxicated with the culture of impunity.
After haranguing the woman, the irate administrator handed her an ugly look before walking away.
Weekly Citizen learnt that the assistant chief headed straight to the woman’s former husband and demanded that he sells the parcel of land where the woman is currently residing so that she is kicked out completely from Matharu village.
Residents wondered why the county commissioner, the police commandant and the Eldoret OCPD have remained tightlipped over the issue. Police in the Kondoo area of  Timboroa are said to be involved in a massive coverup by colluding with the assistant chief and his boss in protecting the errant man from punishment. The police and the provincial administration are still forcing the woman to accept Sh20,000 to drop the defilement case against the serial rapist but the uncompromising woman has shrugged off the offer.
“I appeal to human rights and anti-rape women groups, as well as the government to intervene as I am suffering under the hands of the police and the administration with small children to look after who are aged eight, five and four years,” the woman pleaded.
The rapist is said to have defiled a woman in 2006 who fled and settled in Naivasha after she was threatened with death. Another lady died of suffocation in the same year after the villain covered her mouth and nostrils with soil after raping her. In his early thirties, the monster has repeatedly committed the same offense in Burnt Forest.
A report was filed to the police sometimes back after the rapist committed an unnatural act with a neighbour’s cow but no action was taken.
The assistant chief and the local chief are married from the same family, while the area clinical officer who refused to prepare a medical report after one of the victims reported the incident, is a brother of the two administrators’ wives.
The assistant chief and the chief allegedly hurled the carcass of a dog into a water well three weeks ago in a bid to force the woman into dropping the defilement case she has filed against the victim in court.

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