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Sunday 22 February 2015

Nandi governor threatens to sack deadwood executives

Governor Cleophas Lagat has threatened to suspend incompetent members of his executive committee who do not perform to the expectations of the citizens. The governor has also vowed to dismiss any county employee who will be found misusing property of the county for his own personal gain. This comes in the wake of fears that development in the county could be compromised because of the inept state of inefficient officers. He emphasised this when he simultaneously flagged off six ambulances and the inspection of a crucial road construction progress in Kapsabet town.
Information in public domain has it that some departments are dormant because a good number of the executives are sleeping on their jobs. There is also great concern that particular office holders lack necessary skills, hence a burden which does not add any value to county development charter but a political gesture made to satisfy geographical balance.
An informant who did not wish to be named regretted that some executive members have been noted for leaking internal secrets to strangers and for not defending the county development record from external critics. Also disturbing are his subsidiary administrators who have developed a habit of zooming around in expensive vehicles having no known functions to the people. No one knows either their offices or their names. Following the announcement, the public is now looking upon the governor to make good his threats and redeem the image of his leadership more so after demonstrators recently produced a shocking raft of violations which portrayed him negatively.
Just last year, the governor swapped few members of his executive committee after a particular one who never mingles with the public ever since he was appointed, was almost send home by a local county assembly over malpractice and negligence. He has since then maintained a low profile with less appearance in public.
Few months after the executive member survived by a whisker, a chief officer disappeared from the county after he was quietly sent home in a secret letter issued under directions of the governor following deliberations by a kitchen cabinet over his conduct.

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