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Monday 2 February 2015

Police salaries to be pegged on output

Hard working police officers will get better pay irrespective of their rank, while indisciplined ones will not get salary increments for up to a year.
These are part of new proposals by the National Police Service Commission designed to govern discipline among the officers.
Serious misconduct like corruption and engaging in crime would be punished by dismissal from service and prosecution.
The commission says it will adopt a human resource development mechanisms and processes dubbed ‘horizontal career development’.
“Horizontal career development shall include a non-promotion reward scheme, where a member of the service is offered higher financial incentives and other career development opportunities and rewards irrespective of whether the member is promoted or not,” according to the document.
This would be done in the event there is no vacancy available for promotion of an officer who has served exceptionally well.
The new proposals, aimed at changing how police are governed in Kenya, have been published by the Commission on Implementation of the Constitution.
They are contained in five drafts and CIC has invited the public to scrutinise them before they are formally adopted.
They also seek to guide on promotions, recruitment, transfers, demotions and retirements.
It introduces a scheme of service and says officers who also fail promotional exams or fail to sit for the tests would be sent home, one of the drafts recommends.
The proposals also seek to reverse a decades-old culture in the police service in which senior police officers punished their juniors by transferring them to hardship areas as the favoured ones are handed lucrative postings, with higher allowances.
“A transfer shall not be used as a disciplinary measure or as a reward,” the proposals state.

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