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Sunday 19 April 2015

Claims Kangundo MP awarding himself CDF work

Pressure is mounting on Kangundo MP Katatha Kyengo from area residents who  demanding accountability in the management of the CDF kitty and distribution of bursary funds which they now claim has been marred by corruption.
Claims of skewed development projects towards areas perceived to be his strongholds have not gone down with longsuffering residents.
Some of the issues they now demand explanation for from the MP include public participation in constituting CDF committee and project management committees, disclosure of all contracts  of all already awarded tenders, list of all projects against their budget allocation  and the current status and list of beneficiaries of 2013/2014 Sh6 million bursary funds already disbursed.
The residents also demand a list of beneficiaries of the Sh2 million bursary funds which they claim has been discriminatively distributed for the financial year 2014/2015, distribution of CDF money handled by the MP as personal property and the subsequent remuneration against the CDF Act. Also included in the list of demands  include the list of Uwezo Fund beneficiaries and the imperial projections leading to delay of Uwezo Fund disbursement and finally, legal-bound evidence indicating publicising and advertisement of tenders. The MP’s personal assistant who is a member of CDF committee is allegedly a beneficiary of bursary funds when poor residents get a paltry Sh500 from CDF office.
They demand to be supplied with the information in accordance  with Article 135 as read together with Article 174 of the Constitution of Kenya. The residents claim that the CDF office has always refused to provide the information even as many questions linger on the legality of the tendering process which they believe was against the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 which eventually led to misuse and wastage of revenue and resources of Kangundo.
They claim that there is sufficient information demonstrating rampant corruption at CDF office in regard to procurement and award of tenders terming the CDF office as a den of corruption and consequently, minting millions by purchasing power from people who tender. The MP’s lorries are allegedly seen dropping construction materials late at night. This is in conflict of interest and need to be investigated, the residents declared.

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