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Wednesday 22 April 2015


 UK: A millionaire company director was caught on CCTV shoplifting Ksh28,000 (£200) worth of meat and wine from a Tesco store in Birmingham. Ronan Ghosh, 39, tried to smuggle the goods out of the supermarket on Stratford Road by hiding them in a bag. But the company boss, who heads a global recycling firm, was spotted on the store's security cameras and police were called. Ghosh, who lives in a luxury house in leafy Solihull, appeared before Birmingham Crown Court after initially electing trial by jury, but then pleaded guilty to theft, reports the Birmingham Mail. Judge Murray Creed sentenced the businessman to a 12 month community order and he was ordered to complete 80 hours unpaid work and pay Ksh81,000 (£575) costs. Charnjit Jutla, defending, said: "He's the director of RG Recycling a limited company that supplies high-value machinery for the recycling industry. "It is a global business. "It has a yearly turnover of Ksh 2.2b (£16) million. See Also: I thought I was asleep only to discover that I died for 30 minutes "It beggars belief as to why he finds himself in this court. "He had no financial difficulties. "He accepts full responsibility for what he has done." Mr Jutla said Ghosh, from Manor Road, was "disappointed with himself and shocked and embarrassed".

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