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Sunday 26 April 2015

MP rejects

A parliamentary aspirant in Kitutu Masaba constituency had a rude shock last week when the area MP .Timothy Bosire publicly rejected his personal donation Sh35, 000 towards the eletricity wiring of classes of Risa primary school.
The aspirant, Victor Ogeto Swanya, found himself on the receiving end when he wanted to give his donation to the school administration during a meeting at the school when the MP dismissed his donation.
Bosire who was giving leaders chance to speak during the occasion told Swanya to his face while holding the funds in his hand that the school does not need his donation for wiring of classes as the responsibility had already been taken over by him and the government.
He instead advised him to convert the money into buying desks for the school which were lacking.
Being ashamed, Swanya quickly pocketed his money before reversing to his seat as members murmured in protest against the MP’s move.
The school head teachers R.Malack condemned the act saying electricity wiring had not been completed in some classrooms at the institution and that was why the school committee   had petitioned Swanya to come to its assistance.
A closer confident of Bosire admitted that the MP had committed a serious political mistake by rejecting money which was meant to assist a school in his constituency.

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