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Sunday 19 April 2015

EACC detectives trace millions in Kambi’s bank accounts

Suspended Labour cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi was shocked when he appeared before the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission sleuths at Integrity Centre where he was shown his bank statements with a balance of over Sh600 million.
Upon seeing the statement, the profusely sweating CS was taken to task to account for the millions of shillings and how he accumulated the huge sums of money in his bank accounts within a very short time. Before landing his current position, Kambi was in the red financially and even faced bankruptcy charges.
Asked whether he has any links with any of the Chinese firms undertaking various construction tenders with NSSF, cornered as he was, he finally admitted that he enjoyed ties with them. The companies are China Wu Yi, Jiangxi International Kenya Ltd, Kenya chapter.
The detectives also pressed Kambi on allegations of pocketing hefty kickbacks from NSSF contractors whom he helped to win multi-billion construction tenders. He, however, remained dumb-founded and requested the detectives to move to the next question.
What surprised the detectives is that on perusing his wife’s bank accounts, there was no suspicious banking done just as those of his close relatives. Sources say Kambi has never trusted his Kalenjin wife with money and that could be the reason why he stashed all the millions in his account.
Exit Kambi, then enter NSSF managing trustee Richard Lang’at. He also appeared before the detectives for hours. Just like Kambi, he was taken to task over the manner in which he has accumulated wealth. Unlike Kambi, who had all his millions in one bank account, Langat’s millions were traced to that of his mother. He has even bought houses in Nairobi registered in the name of a third party.

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