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Sunday 19 April 2015

Mumias revival plan splits MPS

Two MPs from Mumias differed sharply over ongoing attempts to revive Mumias Sugar Company.
Mumias West MP Johnson Naicca accused Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali of being insincere in the government-led quest to restore normalcy at the company.
He said Washiali had clandestinely without consulting, suggested names of individuals from his constituency to replace four directors who had retired from the board of Mumias Sugar Company.
“How does he just wake up and forward names to the minister without consulting and yet the company is not in his constituency, this is an act of insincerity and malice on his part,” said Naicca.
Naicca accused Washali of employing “long-ranger” tactics and “publicity stunts” to gain political mileage out of the current sorry predicament of the once vibrant company adding that such was not in the interest of the farmers.
“When he holds activities in this constituency in complete disregard of my presence it means he wants to bully us not knowing they boundary is in Ekero where he should know clearly,” lamented Naicca.
Washiali had forwarded the names of  Julius Nyarotho and Mohammed Mukhwana, Joan Mudenyo and Odd Owaakwabi as possible replacements of the four directors who left the board of MSC.
The MD said the company needed upto Sh3billion to get back on track adding that he was optimistic of the future. He added that upto date the government had not remitted any money to the company.
Washiali however defended his action saying he had the best interest of the farmers in all his endeavours as far the company was concerned.

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