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Sunday 26 April 2015


Patrons at a high-end restaurant in Nairobi were treated to drama when a lady caused commotion after she confronted the embattled suspended Labour cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi demanding that he pays her rent which was long overdue.
The ugly incident which disrupted the smooth operations at the restaurant happened when Kambi was having drinks in the company of two suspended NSSF managers.
According to eye witnesses, Kambi was in the company of Gideon Kyengo and Matemu Nzatu. The two are facing serious corruption allegations against them touching on mega deals at NSSF. Nzatu bank accounts run into millions and he has always bought boasted of  buying protection at NSSF. 
It is not known if the meeting had something do with their tribulations in the hands of Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission sleuths. Sources say EACC detectives have unearthed millions of shillings from Kyengo’s and Nzatu accounts which are under investigations. It has also been discovered that Nzatu has built a three-star hotel in Ukambani. The trio has been fighting to influence investigations at EAAC.
Back to the drama, the woman stormed the restaurant and headed straight to where Kambi and his friends were entertaining themselves and started telling those who cared to listen that Kambi has abandoned her and her landlord was threatening to kick her out of the house.
Kyengo and Nzatu managed to cool down the girl to avoid further embarrassment only for Kambi to take advantage of the confusion and sneak out through the back door never to return.
After everything cooled down, the lady was seen walking out disappointed speaking in low tones. Hotel sources revealed that Kambi and the mistress have been frequenting the joint and wondered why the two fell out.

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