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Sunday 19 April 2015

Sex for stalls in Nakuru hawkers relocation

The allocation of Nakuru town’s trading sheds at the new stage was greatly influenced with corruption and sexual favours.
The allegations were made by displaced hawkers who claim that the allocation mismanagement and blunders were occasioned by county officers and civilians who were bestowed with the allocation work.
Speaking to Weekly Citizen last week in Nakuru town on condition of anonymity, the hawkers who had been displaced from the town’s Kenyatta Avenue and other major streets in town also accused the county government of involving outsiders in the stalls allocation exercise.
“The goons who are said have found allies in the county government were either asking cash for sheds or sex for sheds from the many women in need of a place to trade from. This explains why some individuals got more than one trading stall while genuine hawkers got none,” he said.
Asserting that there is discontent and disquiet on Kinuthia Mbugua’s administration, they petitioned their governor to investigate over the alleged double allocation and misallocation of the sheds to some individuals at the old matatu stage.
Those affected early this year said that those who got more than one shed have already put them on for sale for up to Sh200,000 through  proxies.
“We hear some of the county officers who benefited from the stalls have made over Sh3.6 million through selling of the same. If governor Kinuthia wants to redeem himself, he must begin with his executives who have allocated themselves the sheds,” a hawker said.
They said they have already written to EACC with a view of putting the matter under investigations.
Those mentioned in the stalls allocations scandal include county minister forlands Rachel Maina and roads Joel Kairu although they have since denied the allegations.
“In fact ask them to show you one individual who has been sold a particular space from me. I can never involve myself in such dirty business,” Kairu defended himself on phone.
Others mentioned on the sheds reselling list are an officer in the governor’s office Michael Gitone and a Mr Kang’ea from the county administration.
We could not establish the truth about Gitone and Kang’ea’s direct involvement in the exercise as their phones went unanswered at the time of going to press. The hawkers claim the stalls list does not bear directly the county officers’ names but their close friends and relatives appear as beneficiaries of the space that were meant to be given out to those displaced recently from their places of trade during the town’s clean-up initiative.

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