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Sunday 25 January 2015

Big drama in Uriri as officer claim bhang

It was drama when the driver of vehicle transporting bhang with a street value of worth Sh3 made a sharp U-turn upon reaching a roadblock set up by the Administration Police officers near Uriri centre.
The APs gave chase for close to 10 kilometres on the Migori- Kisii highway. But when they finally caught up with the vehicle, they discovered a police officer in uniform and armed with a service revolver sitting inside the car among four civilian passengers who readily admitted that they were the owners of the bhang.
PC Kennedy Shikuku and his four accomplices who were travelling in a Toyota Probox car registration number KBU 953 had been hired by the traders to give them security  escort  up to Kericho and thereafter they were to travel on their own to Mombasa  via Nairobi.
The five were arrested and taken to Migori Police Station where the police constable was disarmed and had his uniforms removed. They are expected to appear in court anytime now.
Inside the car, there were 420 big rolls of bhang and other unrolled packed in gunny bags. There has been numerous incidents where small cars and other vehicles are used in transporting bhang to the big cities of Nairobi and Mombasa which have always been discovered at police road blocks set up in Molo, Nakuru and Naivasha enroute to the capital after driving and evading police dragnet all far away as from Migori, Sirare and Sori in the former Nyanza province undetected after snaking through police roadblocks in Awendo, Rongo, Kisii and Kericho towns.
It has now been established beyond any reasonable doubt that these vehicles have always had secret police escorts all the way from Migori and other border towns after Kericho. Bhang which is grown in abundance in isolated villages and river banks in Migori also finds its way into the country from neighbouring Tanzania where it is grown in the North Mara region. The drug also comes from Uganda through Lake Victoria and quite often land at Sori in Karungu-Bay and Muhuru-Bay in Nyatike sub-county of Migori county.
Scientifically known as cannabis sativa, bhang is also grown by unscrupulous farmers along the banks of major rivers like Kuja and Migori in plenty and on the hilltops of Ungoe in Suba constituency and on Gembe hills in Mbita. The drug from Uganda also finds its way into Kenya via  Busia and Malaba border posts apart from Lake Victoria  as well as panya routes”.
The porous Kenya-Tanzania border lines which stretches from Lake Victoria to the Indian Ocean at the coast makes it difficult for the Kenya police to have its movement under tight control.
Uriri sub-county administrative headquarters in Migori county is next to the Migori-Awendo-Kisii highway, and the tough subcounty commissioner George Kibet Lagat has recently declared war against smugglers and racketeers of the contraband using the area for illicit trade. This has seen the APs maintain a 24-hour road blocks in check of movement of vehicles at night and boda boda motorbikes taxis commonly used by the racketeers.

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