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Saturday 17 January 2015


NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 16 – The National Land Commission (NLC) on Friday said preliminary investigations show that the two acres of land under contention near the Wilson Airport footbridge belong to the Lang’ata Road Primary School.
Speaking at the school, NLC Chairman Muhammad Swazuri said that land records show that the public institution was awarded the grant for the land in 1974 after an initial allocation of 7.5 acres in 1972.
He however explained that further investigations were necessary as land records also show that the private developer who has fenced off the land, was granted 0.6Ha of it in 1989 and 0.2Ha in 1994.
Swazuri said it was also necessary to investigate how the developer, identified as Airport View Housing Limited in correspondence over the ownership of the land obtained the necessary County Government authorisation to erect a stone wall around the land.
Until then, he said, the stone wall should come down.
“We’re going to talk to the County Government today to make sure the children have their playground back when they resume on Monday,” he said.
The private developer, he said, would however get their day in court, so to speak.
“The law requires that they be granted a hearing so we’ll call on them to present us with their documents,” he said.
Mugumoini Ward representative Alex Otieno who was present, sought to exculpate Deputy President William Ruto from the alleged land grabbing attempt.
He said the Weston Hotel, which is allegedly associated to the Deputy President, and which lies on the other side of the grabbed land had nothing to do with the matter.
Instead he implicated a former Mayor of Nairobi and a sitting Member of Parliament saying that they acted as “third parties” to the developer.
“They have been representing them in meetings with the school.”
Nominated Ward representative Tabitha Ndigirigi on Friday also presented the NLC with documents from the County Government which she said proved that the title held by the private developer was fake.
She also presented the commission with correspondence from the developer demanding that the Lang’ata Road Primary School desist from encroaching on the two acres.

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