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Saturday 17 January 2015

Teen gets life in prison after killing mom with hammer, raping corpse

A stone cold 18-year-old Texas teen was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for killing his mother with a hammer and then sexually assaulting her corpse.
It took Nueces County jurors less than an hour to hand down a life sentence to Kevin Davis, who two days earlier pleaded guilty to murdering his mother, Kimberly Hill, and turned down a 60-year jail term from prosecutors.
“The crime scene was like something out of a movie,” prosecutor Kim Gonzalez told KIII News. “The things that Kevin Davis confessed to doing to his mother and the way her hurt her weren’t things you see every day.”
In an interview with detectives after the March 26 killing, Davis confessed to strangling his mom with a video game power cord before grabbing a hammer and hitting her 20 times on the back of the head. He then had sex with her corpse, KZTV reported.

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