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Sunday 11 January 2015

Elders tell MPs to stop supremacy duels

Daniel Nyakundi

Nyamira council of elders has expressed its worry and concern over leadership wrangles which have led to elected leaders lock horns  in Nyamira county.
The elders asserted that infighting witnessed among elected leaders and by extension, not working together as a team, was not healthy for the development of the county.
The council noted that last year, the county did not realise much in terms of development because the leaders who  are supposed to be the watch dogs spent much of their time  playing witch hunt, undermining, divisive and destructive politics at the expense of development.
Led by council chairman Peterson Meroka they reminded the leaders that what the area residents wanted from them was development but not who is superior than the other politically.
Meroka, who was in the company of the council secretary Wilfred Makori said that the council of elders was ready and prepared to reconcile the political class in the county for the sake of unity and development.
The chairman noted that since the MPs, MCAs, senator and the governor were elected, they have never held a joint meeting to discuss development of the county and questioned what they were up to.
The county has five MPs, Ben Momanyi (Borabu), James Gesami (West Mugirango),Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Masaba), Charles Geni (North Mugirango) Alice Chae (County Mp) and senator Okongo Mongare and Governor John Nyagarama.
The elders challenged the leaders to bury the hatchet which they had last year by working together in serving the people of Nyamira county effectively especially in this New Year.
They warned that if the leaders did not resolve to work together in addressing matters affecting the county, then the council would organise a meeting where they would be summoned to explain.

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