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Sunday 11 January 2015

Kabogo stops Thika footpaths to look for money

Kiambu county government has stopped the construction of footpaths in Thika town.
Governor William Kabogo said although the project is being funded by the World Bank, the government of Kiambu has a responsibility to ensure people of the county did not get a raw deal.
The governor said Kura and Kera roads should be devolved to governments for smooth and effective running. He hit out at politicians who were insinuating that Kura and Kera roads were under county governments.
He said in the next two years, 50pc of Kiambu residents will have sustainable access to clean water. Kabogo said his government would digitalise all its operations to suit modern technological growth.
He said his government was looking for money to seal potholes in Thika town. Kabogo told striking health workers that their industrial action had been declared illegal by court. “The workers should honour the Court decision and resume work. They should follow the laid avenues to raise their concerns,” he said.
On the issue of the health workers promotion demand, Kabogo said his government wanted to get the minutes and other documents related to the promotion before adopting the same.
“We don’t want to be pinned down in future for having adopted promotion of ghost workers,” he said. He said even if the promotion goes through his government, it would not cater for 2011-12 promotion arrears since it was not in office. “We will only consider the 2013-14 period,” he said. He told the striking workers that they will not be paid for the days they were not working.

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