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Thursday 22 January 2015


Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has denied claims that he had run mad and was admitted at Mathari Mental Hospital. He attributes it to be propaganda work by people out to tarnish his name. During an interview, he received a call from Jomo Gecaga informing him about an impending foreign tour by the Head of State and invited him to a presidential function in the city. There have also been allegations that a powerful Cabinet Secretary is blocking Sonko from presidential functions, but he dismissed the claims as propaganda by his political opponents. “This is not possible because as the Nairobi Senator, I don’t need any invite to a presidential function in this county. I am the elected representative here,” Sonko said. “The complaints were from Nairobi MCAs who felt left out from presidential functions. It’s not me,” he insisted. He claims that a section of Nairobi TNA legislators gathered in a city hotel to raise money to sponsor a smear campaign against him in the media because of his track record. “The group, which was raising funds to ‘tame’ me because of my track record and my interest in the gubernatorial seat, was led by Starehe MP Maina Kamanda and Rachael Shebesh,” he charged. “They even turned tribal and said that I was fighting members of the Kikuyu community.” But he said there is no way he can fight the Kikuyu because his second wife is from ‘Mt Kenya.’ See also: Decline of leadership: Villagers elected Prof Nyong'o, Nairobians chose Sonko “During Simon Mbugua’s mother’s funeral, I merely asked my brothers and sisters from the Kikuyu community to give me a chance since I am the only outsider in the TNA gubernatorial race,” the senator pointed out. “The fact that I read the presidential speech during the funeral just shows how we are tight with the Head of State,” he added. Besides confirming his loyalty to the President, Sonko dismissed ethnic political tactics as archaic. “Siasa ya watu wengine imepitwa na wakati. Wazee wakae na heshima (the kind of politics from some these people is old-school. The old should be respectful),” the visibly angry senator retorted. He says most people are uncomfortable with his self-funded Sonko Rescue Team programme because it will make him popular.
“Some politicians are scared because they think I am creating a parallel Nairobi county government, but that’s one of my many charity works,” he points out. About his gun drama at Lee Funeral Home, the senator claimed that, “I admit it was wrong, but the guns were licenced and they were issued to me because I am a prime terror target given my status. The funeral we were attending had more than 5,000 mourners without any police security hence I had to be prepared for any eventuality.” The senator says some of his work put him in harm’s way and at risk of terror attacks, hence the need for heavy security. “Besides, being the first leader at Westgate after the attack, I have also adopted Baby Osinya and I am a member of the Senate’s National Security and Foreign Relations Committee,” the senator, who is driving a gold-plated sports utility car, said. “I am just from Mandera with the committee. We visited the quarry where 36 people were murdered and the bus shooting scene as well.” He said he is committed to serving the people and will only respect politicians who respect him.“Instead of hurling insults at my opponents, I will soon come out with a dossier that will expose the rot and corruption that is in City Hall,” he promised.

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