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Sunday 25 January 2015

Kambi future in Coast politics bleak as successor makes waves

Labour cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi was likely to find it more difficult to win the Kaloleni parliamentary seat in the next general elections if the situation on the ground is anything to go by.
To begin with, Kambi who represented Kaloleni constituency after the 2007 general elections is accused of not having fulfilled his development promises which included purchasing commuter buses for Kaloleni women groups, tarmacking of roads, creating employment opportunities among other economic empowerment projects he pledged to fulfill if elected.
And on the strength of the promises and heavy spending in his campaigns, Kambi, a newcomer managed to dislodge Morris Dzoro, then an outgoing tourism minister.
And during his term, Kazungu turned arrogant and was equally not accessible. His handling of the CDF was allegedly not above board and by the end of his parliamentary term, there were threats of being taken to court by a section of voters.
Now, the man who replaced Kambi as Kaloleni MP, Gunga Mwinga, an advocate of the High Court his thirties, has since managed to endear himself to voters by what is described as transparent handling of the CDF and in the process overshadowing Kambi to the extent voters frequently draw parallels in leadership qualities of the two leaders.
Additionally, Mwinga is praised for demonstrating passion for education through improvement of infrastructure to attain quality education for children.
Immediately after his election, the MP is said to have embarked on ensuring that all the primary schools in the constituency had electricity. So far, a dozen schools have been connected, it is being pointed out.
Investigations revealed that the MP has directed most of the CDF funds towards building of classrooms and buying of desks in all the wards in the constituency such as Kithengwani and Mwanamwinga primary schools.
In Kayafungo ward, Kidzini and Miyani primary schools have seen classrooms transformed from mud walled to mordern structures. And in Mariakani ward, Muungano Primary School and Shausia Secondary School are the beneficiary of CDF projects.
And in the same Kayafungo ward, the MP is said to be pursuing the establishment of a constituent university college in the area. The university will be a branch of the Technical University of Mombasa.
On health, the MP has bought maternity equipment for Viragoni Dispensary and he is pushing for construction of houses for nurses and doctors based at Kasemeni Dispensary and Mgamboni Health Centre at Jibana.
The MP has also been vocal in pushing the Kilifi county government to grade the constituency roads.
When Gunga emerged on the scene before the last general elections and declared his intention to contest the Kaloleni seat, Kambi mocked his candidature, saying he was not worried by aspirants who were campaigning with empty pockets.
At the time, Kambi was nicknamed Kazungu Pesa arising from his penchant to dish out large amounts of money to voters in campaign circuits.

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