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Saturday 17 January 2015


NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 16 – She knows her seven-year old daughter will never return after she was brutally killed, but Rose Nungari is hopeful that justice will prevail after her husband was arrested over the death in Embu on Friday.
The 33 year-old Evanson Ndigwa is accused of defiling and killing his step-daughter before stashing her body in a suitcase.
He was arrested in Embu while fleeing, according to Kiambu police Chief Stephen Ng’etich.
Ndigwa admitted that he watched as a hired hitman killed his step-daughter – as he smoked marijuana – after a bitter quarrel with Nungari.
She says her husband blames the act on “bad spirits… he wants to be forgiven. I hope that whatever he did to my daughter befalls him too.”
“How can a man kill your first born daughter and then just like that ask for forgiveness?” a teary Nungari posed to the Capital FM News crew. After silence she added: “He wanted to beat me after we disagreed over some issues but I fled to my neighbour’s place.”
When we arrived at their residence, a sombre mood had engulfed mourners who were speaking in low tones hoping they can understand the motive behind the heinous act.
Nungari accompanied by her twin sister recorded a statement at the Kiambu Police Station even as detectives were pursuing the killer husband.
To Nungari’s family, January 14 will remain a gloomy day for them as that was when their loved daughter departed “through her father’s hands.”
She took it as a joke, when she was called by her husband asking her to check for Sh3 million in a suitcase only to find her daughter’s mutilated body later in the evening.
“I was worried about my daughter’s safety after he constantly called me saying he had sacrificed her…but I never took the threats seriously,” he stated.
“I was lying on the suitcase that was placed on our bed but I realised it was suspiciously heavy when I tried to lift it up.”
She recounted of how she was warming some water to bathe her other two children but could not open the suitcase to remove their clothes.
The suitcase was opened by her auntie after her neighbours declined to do so fearing the worst.
“I screamed…I did not believe my eyes,” Nungari said this time reaching for her handkerchief to wipe the tears on her face.
The deceased girl’s grandmother also told of her anguish and pain following the brutal murder.
“I wish he just left them in peace without doing such an act…it’s sad that he has robbed me of my granddaughter who was obedient and healthy,” Mary Wanjiru said.
“We want police to stay with him forever…he has caused us too much pain.”
She said the deceased girl’s siblings though very young, have been asking about their sister’s whereabouts. She is due to be buried on January 20.
Kiambu County was recently shocked by the deaths of the entire family of lawyer Paul Magu in bizarre circumstances.
Magu’s children Ryan Ndau, 9, Allen Muhiu, 8, and Tiffany, 5 had been missing for a week until their mutilated bodies were discovered in the expansive Tatu City farm in Ruiru.
Magu, the 35-year-old lawyer-turned-preacher died when he stepped onto the path of an oncoming bus on the Thika-Garissa Road, a day after the body of his wife Lydia Wangui, 34, was found on Kiambu Road.

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