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Saturday 27 September 2014


The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has said it does not support calls for a national referendum spearheaded by governors or the opposition.
ACK Archbishop Eliud Wabukhala said on Thursday that there were other options available for addressing the problems facing Kenyans as opposed to a referendum.

Wabukhala urged leaders to stop politicising the matter because it cannot be a solution.
“The call for a plebiscite by Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) and Council of Governors’ referendum is a pointer of a failed national dialogue. Are we proposing amendments to a Constitution we are yet to fully implement?” he posed.

“The implementation of the 2010 promulgated Constitution envisioned a three- year window for the implementation of the first phase.”
He said the leaders should avoid use of political rhetoric and sarcasm through public rallies in addressing serious national issues.
“Kenya’s political leaders need to consider a platform for coming together to reason out contentious issues,” he said.

The Church, he said wants national issues addressed with due urgency.
The issues highlighted range from the devolution of governance and public services, conflict around devolved funds and, “Imbalance in wealth distribution, high taxation, unequal development/ marginalisation, inhumane remuneration systems and imbalance in international trade.”

Other issues include unconstitutional legislation, calls for referendum and threatened national cohesion and integration.
He is urging the leaders to focus on addressing issues of the rising cost of living and insecurity in the country as opposed to spending too much time talking about the referendum.

He further challenged leaders to ensure they are accountable for the resources they get.
“Accountability is a national value issue. More money is being dispensed from the national coffers yet the earlier allocations have not been accounted for,” he pointed out.
“Are we promoting a governance structure that we cannot afford? Saying that we are irresponsible is a gross understatement.”

He added that “as church, we urge for a renewed allowance for unconditional dialogue to address the issues raised by both referenda i.e. CORD’s Okoa Kenya and the Governors’ Pesa Mashinani.”

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